Unitrends Powershell Community Update

It is being a long time since we published our last Unitrends Powershell post and I want to share with our readers some news about the project.

As we announced last year, we have an open-source community-driven project to provide Unitrends Powershell Cmdlets. These are used to automate tasks and make your life easier.

We have a good core of cmdlets and samples that is growing every month. If you have not checked in the community for some time, please do and have a look ate the new cmdlets  and samples . All the work is community-driven and based on user requests. Community members implement your ideas and share with the group.

We have many great contributors helping in the community this past year. I want to thank them for their work:

  • Sascha Hiller submitted cmdlets to add/remove/enable/disable backup storage repositories
  • Martyn Keigher submitted current installer script, slack notification integration and has contributed many ideas and defect alerts. He works for an MSP and uses Unitrends Powershell to automate almost every task and integration with their remote monitoring and management platform
  • Bob Frankly submitted cmdlet for restoring a backup and also added help and invocation samples to the cmdlets. Now it is more easy to use them!
  • Rukas added support for PSCrendential in Connect-UebServer to allow an interactive popup login

If you want to contribute your scripts or submit any ideas for us to implement go to the GitHub project and open an issue.

Please follow Unitrends on LinkedIn and Twitter, join our Spiceworks community or like us on Facebook and tell us what you think.


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