Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

As I sit in my home office in Myrtle Beach, SC awaiting Hurricane Matthew, my thoughts are with those in Florida who will receive a devastating punch from the storm. If you are in the hurricane path, please protect yourself. Go to a shelter or inland away from the storm surge and worst wind.

Protect your Data

Businesses, protect your data and equipment.  If your data backup is not being sent offsite to a safe location or cloud target, take backup disks or tape with you when you evacuate. Unitrends customers can use the backup copy functionality built into the product.

If one exists, make sure you have access to your business continuity plan in the event of structural damage to the business. Have contact numbers for your staff or arrange a way to communicate once the storm no longer presents a danger.

Other steps to take:

  • Cleanly shutdown and unplug computer equipment
  • Move equipment away from windows and doors
  • Secure equipment as far above the floor as possible
  • Cover equipment with plastic sheeting

After the Storm

Once the storm has passed, please inspect your computer equipment carefully before plugging in and powering on. Do not plug in equipment that is visibly damaged or appears wet. Computer equipment should not be turned on if electrical power is unstable.

Cleaning up after a hurricane can take days or weeks. Taking a few last minute steps to secure your data and equipment can have a significant impact on your business’s time to recover.

Unitrends customer support is available to answer questions or, if necessary, assist with data recovery at [email protected] or 888-374-6124.


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