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At some point, we’ve all lived through the nightmare of a bad software upgrade. Upgrading perfectly functioning applications and operating systems with new, untested versions can sometimes bring a functioning business to a screeching halt. (Not such a spoiler alert – all Unitrends backup appliances have what is called Automated Provisioning, a sandbox where businesses can clone their production environment from their most recent backups and test software patches to learn if they present a threat.). Unfortunately this functionality was not available to a Federal Credit Union running Symantec Backup Exec.

The challenge 

The customer was a long-time user of Symantec Backup Exec. However, the partnership came to an end when Symantec released a recent upgrade.

“The new version was useless, nothing but a headache.” — Server Analyst

The customer wanted to switch quickly to a solution that could meet their federally-mandated data protection needs efficiently. Based on a recommendation from a coworker that had used us at a previous company, the customer opted for Unitrends.

Providing robust data protection is what Unitrends does best

The customer purchased two Unitrends Recovery Series hardware backup appliances. One is in the main data center, while the other is remotely located at disaster recovery (DR) and test site.  The functions of both appliances are clearly defined. The on-site appliance protects against limited outages confined to the data center such as disk or power supply failures and the remote one is for protection against total data center-level disasters such as fire or floods.

In addition to the sandbox testing functionality, Unitrends appliances include automated ransomware detection  with AI software that runs during every backup, analyzing the volatility of file changes to identify backups infected with ransomware.  Email and dashboard notifications are instantly sent to administrators and potentially infected files are flagged to prevent recoveries using those files. Administrators catch ransomware sooner, leading to limited damage and speedier recoveries.

“Twice we have had our network share infected and each time it was simple to instantly restore from Unitrends and replace the infected files.” 


Easy file recoveries ensure enhanced protection against ransomware. But the real show-stealer was Unitrends’ support services. The impressive response time from Unitrends enabled the customer to deliver services quickly to their end users. Safe and quick is exactly what a credit union needs to be to be competitive.

“I open a case and get a call back within a few hours on a level 4 issue. That wasn’t expected  I figured it would be days on a level 4. On other cases I opened, I get an immediate callback and we resolve the issue on the first call. Unitrends level one engineers aren’t just secretaries pushing calls to level 2. We are so impressed with the product and support that we have recently upgraded all our appliances.”  Server Analyst

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