commercial jet pilot

A customer once told me that the typical IT administrator’s life was a lot like that of a commercial jet pilot – long periods of tedious and meticulous work with periodic bouts of terror when there was a problem.  As a vendor who builds backup systems, I could identify with the sentiment.  A backup system is only as good as the last time you had to perform an emergency restore at 2:00AM in the morning.

At Unitrends, we think of ourselves as a recovery company.  Our physical appliances are actually called “Recovery-xxx” (where xxx is a numeric designator specifying the chassis height (the rack space “U” specification), the types of drives used, and so on).   But in keeping with our beliefs concerning agile adaptability and heterogeneous support, we offer multiple types of recovery for multiple types of customer environments.

Got physical systems?  We offer instant recovery for Windows which is in essence an implementation of a technology called failover virtualization.  That means we virtualize the Windows physical server we’re protecting on our appliance and then spin that virtualized instance up as a virtual machine in an embedded hypervisor.  It’s pretty cool.  But we do more.  We offer auditing of that so that you can actually test the ability to recover in that manner automatically.  But we do more.  We offer standard file recovery, application recovery, bare metal recovery.  But we do more.  We offer dissimilar bare metal recovery – between physical systems and virtual systems (P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V.)  But we do more.  We offer VMware vSphere instant recovery in which an ESX/ESXi host or hosts can fail and we allow the backup to be mounted by another ESX/ESXi host and processing begin again as a vStorage vMotion process begins automatic restore.  But we do more – well – you get the picture.

John Major once said “Recovery begins from the darkest moment.”  At your darkest moment, when you’re afraid that all your hard work in protecting your environment has gone to naught, I can tell you that what you want is a customer obsessed company who focuses not just on selling backup – but damned well making sure you can recover.