Recovery Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup Release 8.0


Unitrends Bridge for Hyper-V

Today, we announced a new major release – v8.0 – for all Unitrends enterprise-class physical and virtual appliances.  Enterprise IT and Hyper-V administrators will absolutely want to read further, but don’t worry vSphere users.  We have some additional functionality right around the corner for you too.

NDMP NAS Protection

Our customers have made it very clear – one size doesn’t fit all. Simple flexibility is the key to making their lives easier. As a result, Unitrends enhanced its storage integration for EMC and NetApp NAS devices to include NDMP support. This is in addition to our broad support of other NAS devices using file-level methods, providing users with supported arrays the option to leverage tighter storage vendor integration to simplify backup management, improve performance, and maintain access control lists (ACLs) on recovered files. Read more on this here.

Unitrends BridgeTM for Hyper-V

Whether protecting at the hypervisor level (virtual) or at the guest level (physical) or deep virtual, you can recover full machines in minutes, not hours:

  • Windows Instant Recovery to Hyper-V (physical or virtual)

The Unitrends Bridge technology now supports one-click P2V transformation from a Windows guest backup to a standby virtual machine running on Hyper-V.  Now you can leverage your existing, low-cost Hyper-V infrastructure, your VMware backup infrastructure, or even the Recovery Series appliance itself to spin up physical systems as VMs – in minutes – after a failure or planned P2V migration.

  • Hyper-V Instant Recovery

Reduce RTOs down to just a couple minutes for your Hyper-V HOS backups by simply booting the VM directly from your Recovery Series or UEB backup storage. What used to take hours to recover a full VM only takes minutes. You can even recover the VM to a different Hyper-V host or recover from replicated backups offsite for fast disaster recovery. Learn more about Unitrends Bridge & Hyper-V Instant Recovery here.

Protection for Hyper-V Shared VHDXs

Leverage the deep virtualization capabilities of Release 8.0 to handle one of Hyper-V’s unique technologies – shared VHDXs – without sacrificing your recovery capabilities. Shared VHDX configurations allow virtual machines to share data from the same virtual disk. You can only protect them with guest-level access, which Unitrends offers. And with Unitrends Bridge, you can still recover in minutes. More details about our Hyper-V protection is available here.

Complete Hyper-V SMB 3.0 Protection

Hyper‐V servers 2012 and higher can host virtual machines with disk storage located on SMB 3.0 shares. With release 8.0, you can protect these VMs at the hypervisor level. No agent required!

UEB Cloud DRaaS

UEB virtual appliances have always provided a means to copy backup data offsite to the Unitrends Metered Cloud.  Now, you can leverage the new Unitrends Cloud DRaaS offering with Recovery Assurance to be able to spin up critical machines in the Unitrends Cloud in the event of a disaster.

Complete Support for HP-UX 11

HP-UX 11 was added to the supported list of operating systems for large scale, enterprise compute platforms. This addition to the interoperability matrix shows that Unitrends is committed to scaling with our customers.

Complete Support for Mac OS 10.9

Release 8.0 continues to build on the broad range of applications and operating systems that Unitrends supports.  Added to the list is Mac OS 10.9, providing rich data protection for many business needs.

Microsoft SQL Server Performance Enhancements

Get faster SQL backups and better storage footprint due to a rigorous tuning process that helps Unitrends protect more and drive down TCO for the mid-market, release after release. Additionally, significant performance enhancements were also made for those protecting hundreds of databases.


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