This is a question we get asked quite often, and I’m going to break it down into a few parts based on the needs we’ve heard so far.

How do I get my Virtual Machines back from Amazon?

This is an important function of Boomerang, and we call it copyback. Very simply, it copies the running instances in AWS back to the nominated vSphere environment.

How do I restore operations in Amazon when my source environment – including the appliance – is offline?

We’re actively working to improve this and, of course, we welcome any feedback on this. Here are a few options we see working pretty well…

1. Re-deploy a new appliance in another environment.

The AWS credentials and bucket are all that is needed for Boomerang to discover the protection groups already in storage, and the option to deploy will be available.

2. Replicate the Boomerang appliance

Replicate the appliance as part of a protection group. It can then be deployed with ‘Run CloudFormation’ unticked – this will leave an AMI that can be launched. Updated snapshots will be discovered when launched, allowing for the most recent snapshot to be deployed.

3. Use our command line tools

We don’t advertise this, but we do have a set of orthogonal command line tools that will allow for protection groups to be deployed from anything that will support the command line and has access to AWS. You can get access to these on request in our forums.

What are we doing for the future to make this better?

Here are all the options we’re considering in the very short- to mid-term:

  • Appliance AMI launchable in all regions
  • ‘Lightweight’ panel for restore
  • All up hosted panel for operations for everyone

As always, we appreciate your feedback.