Rumors of Easyway County’s death by Ransomware have been greatly exaggerated. Atlanta, not so much.

Everytown, Worldwide. March 29, 2018.  [SATIRE]   Easyway County is pleased to announce that an employee let WannaCry loose in the middle of an unauthorized CandyCrush break. Easyway County’s team followed their documented Ransomware plan after a notification from Unitrends’ Ransomware and Recovery Assurance technologies. No data was lost, no sensitive information at risk, and all data and applications were available near-instantly.

“The Unitrends Backup software actually told us that we had the malware before we even knew,” said Easyway County’s CSO, Martin Short. “Heck, I got the text teeing off on the 9th hole. We were already recovered and rolled back to a pre-ransomware state before I took a mulligan.”

Unitrends Artificial Intelligence recognizes changes to data files brought on by a ransomware attack and notifies IT administrators well before a ransom is demanded. But, detecting ransomware is not enough. It is imperative that organizations know there is a solid, unaffected recovery point available. This is where Unitrends Recovery Assurance blows away the competition. Recovery Assurance will test all backups and ensure that the applications and data are recoverable, without requiring human intervention. Easyway County is always secure in knowing that they can recover.

Unlike Atlanta.

Easyway County isn’t the only municipality who has figured this out, see how one county in Michigan has increased its defenses against ransomware by implementing a backup and continuity solution with automated ransomware detection.

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