Ron is a great example of how customer service should be, not just for Unitrends, but for all customer related activities. He is always a pleasure to work with, very informative. 
Service like this is why we choose Unitrends over your competitors. A+” 

[Romesh A.]

Ron is Ron Pierre, one of our top support engineers at Unitrends.  Every now and then Ron sends me a case comment or an e-mail from a customer – in this case we asked Romesh if we could use his original (unedited, unsolicited) quote and he graciously agreed.Ron

When people ask me about who we benchmark against in terms of customer support, they are typically a little disappointed in my answer.  It tends to be consumer-oriented companies that are famous for going above and beyond in an endless and passionate quest to delight customers.

In an earlier post I noted that we have a customer support philosophy built upon the three foundations of people, process, and technology – and that in terms of people, if you want the best you have to hire the best.  We’re sure glad – and proud – that Ron works with Unitrends.

By the way – if you’re a customer reading this and you think we’re not living up to our own expectations, please if you have a case open escalate it via the customer portal (a new feature we’ve implemented in the last few weeks) or send me a note (my e-mail is my last name, Campbell, with the at sign and then the Unitrends domain.)  We know we’re not perfect – but boy, do we sure want to be.