Have you gotten your Hyper-V environment all setup? Got your shared storage in place? Are you creating snapshots on your shared storage? Well don’t relax too soon.

Snapshots alone are not backups. Now, there’s no doubt that snapshots taken on your primary storage are an excellent way to meet frequent recovery-point objectives and business requirements. But… you’ve still got to eliminate your storage device as a single point of failure. There are so many ways to accomplish this, but you really need to keep this in front of you as you build out your IT environment and plan your budget (budget – what’s that, right?)
Unitrends offers a couple of solutions which can help you meet this requirement:

  • Physical appliance complete with storage and software to protect your Hyper-V environment
  • Software-only solution which can run on your Hyper-V host (or a secondary host) and manage copies of your data to non-primary storage.
    • Affordable (maybe even free, depending on the size of your environment)
    •  Simple
    • Can leverage cheaper secondary storage
    • Can replicate to the cloud
    •  Unified block and file data protection

There’s a free trial available which runs on Hyper-V and will give you a 60-day test drive. And there’s something new coming… something so totally cool. Sign up here to be the first to know…


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About Unitrends

Unitrends increases uptime, productivity and confidence in a world in which IT professionals must do more with less. Unitrends leverages high-availability hardware and software engineering, cloud economics, enterprise power with consumer-grade design, and customer-obsessed support to natively provide all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity. The result is a “one throat to choke” set of offerings that allow customers to focus on their business rather than backup.