System Administrator Appreciation Day 2019

Happy Sys Admin Day! Here is one that’s particularly Thankful!

Friday July 26 is the last Friday of July making it System Administrator Appreciation Day 2019. On the website (yes – there really is one) IT System Administrators are celebrated for keeping technology running in enterprises of all sizes around the world. “They are the fixers of all things tech.”

Every year Unitrends joins in celebrating Sys Admin Day because we understand the vital role they play in making everything work. Who do you call when you can’t log in, when the printer lights are flashing, if you can’t find a critically important file, or the phones don’t work? We call our Sys Admin Eddie who knows more about the company than anyone short of the CEO (and oh by the way, the CEO calls Eddie more often than most of the rest of us!).

As one of the leading providers of data backup and recovery technology we deal with Sys Admins all the time. We regularly help them recover from ransomware attacks, restore lost files, and recover non-functioning applications. However, we know there is a one Sys Admin that is particularly joyful this year.

Jesse Taylor, Sys Admin for Pearl River County, the fourth largest of Mississippi’s 82 counties has a story to tell.   In June, 4 hard drives supporting a virtualized NAS simultaneously failed (that will break any RAID array!), putting at risk almost 7TB of data. “The drives stored assessor maps, documents for the circuit county court, judges’ documents, hearing lists, and other critical information. You are never really sure that everything will work correctly but we restored everything from the Unitrends appliance” said Taylor. “Unitrends saved over 20 years of data and I will be forever grateful for the choice of bringing y’all on board! During the outage, I had hope, but wasn’t sure. After the restore completed successfully, and the spin-up of a virtual server was a success, I was finally able to breathe!!!”

Unitrends is proud to support Sys Admins around the world by making their life easier. Our Unitrends Recovery Series hardware and Unitrends Backup software appliances make data backup and disaster recovery seem routine. Our backups are fully automated, and we send an email to the admin after each one to tell them it is successful, or if not, what went wrong. Backup files are automatically replicated to a remote site or to the cloud without any human involvement. Even recovery testing is scheduled and automated with the results and any issues sent via email. The bottom line – Sys Admins don’t have to spend much time on data protection and recovery so they can do all the other things to keep your operation running smoothly.

If you are a Sys Admin – thank you for doing your job so well. If you are not you really should let your Sys Admin know they are appreciated every day and not just when you need the printer ink cartridge replaced.

If you can read this thank your Sys Admin. There is still time to get them a beer!


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