[Preface: This is part of a series of blog posts concerning the topic Why Chose Unitrends?]

When we say that we want to be the Apple of data protection – that simply means that whether physical, virtual, or cloud our all-in-one Unified Data Protection™ offerings are integrated, simple, and elegant.

Interesting that on the day Samsung is announcing its Galaxy S4 product we’re talking about why it’s our goal at Unitrends to be the “Apple of data protection”, huh?  And at the same time, it’s pretty instructive.  Samsung is one of the few companies to mount a serious threat against Apple in terms of cell phones.  And I think that Samsung has some really neat features – led primarily by its large high-resolution screens.

But the reason that people buy Apple iPhones is more than a single feature – they’re buying an all-in-one, vertically integrated, ecosystem that includes the hardware (the iPhone platform), the software (iOS), support, and applications.  Apple has consistently delivered a superior user experience (sometimes abbreviated as UX) in large part because of their control of their overall ecosystem.  The weakness of Samsung phones and other Android devices is this lack of vertical integration.  So people who buy Android phones tend to be people who buy based on features rather than on the overall solution.

At Unitrends, what we offer are all-in-one vertically integrated appliances.  We started off just doing physical appliances – the ultimate in all-in-one data protection solutions.  We now offer both physical appliances and virtual appliances that are based upon Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere – but the design philosophy is the same.  In all of our appliances, we package backup software, archiving software, replication software, instant recovery (failover virtualization) software together with a dedicated and tuned operating system, database, web server, and the like to offer a solution – not a set of slapped together technologies.

This means that the ideal customer of Unitrends is someone who is more solution focused than feature focused.  Backup is a hypercompetitive space – and there’s always someone out there with a new feature.  While Unitrends is continuously adding new features (we’re pretty proud we were the first in the industry with Windows Server 2012 support and VMware vSphere 5.1 support last quarter, for example) – the heart of what we’re offering is data protection for people who want to focus more on their business than on backup.

More to come as we go through the “Why Choose Unitrends?” top 5 working list.  If you have any thoughts or opinions, we’d love to hear them.