Who We Are

The Why, How, and What of Unitrends


Unitrends exists to make information technology administrators’ lives better. This is our passion — our reason for being. We serve administrators in companies with thousands of employees as well as those companies with only a dozen employees. Administrators are facing an explosion of infrastructure growth and ever-increasing business requirements. We wake up each morning and go to bed each night trying to understand how we can help these business heroes be more productive and thus gain more time — while having less stress.


We make IT administrators’ lives better through enterprise recovery assurance. Enterprise recovery assurance consists of backup, archive, replication, instant recovery, and automation/orchestration technologies, products, and services.

In order to help make the lives of administrators better, we offer our products and services in a different form factors: from self-contained all-in-one physical appliances to all-in-one virtual appliances that operate as stand-alone virtual machines to traditional software.


We create, sell, and support the following enterprise recovery assurance products and services:

Unitrends Recovery-Series. All-in-one purpose-built backup physical appliances for enterprise-class heterogeneous virtual and physical protection, backup and disaster recovery.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup. All-in-one purpose-built backup software for enterprise-class heterogeneous virtual and physical protection.

Unitrends Virtual Backup. All-in-one purpose-built backup solutions for VMware, Hyper-V, and XenServer protection.

Unitrends ReliableDR. Purpose-built software for certified application failover and failback orchestrated across VMware and Hyper-V data centers.

Unitrends Cloud. Public multi-tenant cloud storage and disaster recovery and assurance as a service for Unitrends enterprise-class heterogeneous virtual and physical protection.

Unitrends Boomerang. Simple yet sophisticated migration, cloudbursting, and disaster recovery as a service for VMware and Amazon.


  1. Hey! We’ll announce and generally release Hyper-V ReliableDR by end of month (January, 2015); however, the software is ready and can be shipped now. If you’ll send an email to beta at unitrends.com (if you already have ReliableDR) – or if you want to buy a new copy send me an e-mail at campbell at unitrends.com and I’ll hook you up with a sales person.

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