Looking forward

Last week Unitrends announced its Q4-2012 and its overall 2012 results.  The press release, entitled “Unitrends Reports Explosive Growth and 16th Consecutive Record Quarter with 96% Sales Growth in Q4 and 98%+ Customer Satisfaction Rating in 2012”, gives quite a bit of detail.  Rather than rehash all of the information, I thought I’d call out a few key points in the press release.

First, there’s a reason that you see customer satisfaction and the financial results in the title of the press release – we honestly believe that everything we’ve been able to achieve has been built upon our ability to delight our customers. The only expense we grew faster than revenue last year was in our customer support spend.  Does that mean we’re perfect?  Far from it.  98%+ customer satisfaction (it was actually 98.5%) still means over thousands of customers and the many interactions we have that we’re far from perfect.

In terms of customer satisfaction, our goal for 2013 is to get to 99%+.  We’ve got a number of support and product initiatives underway to make that a reality.  Our customers have treated us incredibly well – it’s important that we return that treatment.

Second, we recorded over 15,000 downloads of Unitrends Enterprise Backup(TM) for VMware and Hyper-V.  The downloads were split 60%/40% for VMware and Hyper-V – something that surprised us given that VMware vSphere has about 75% or so market share in the SMB/SME (Small and Medium Business or Enterprise) market.  We saw a tremendous take rate of the Microsoft Hyper-V downloads that seemed associated with Windows Server 2012.  Given how much more functional Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V is versus the Windows 2008 R2 version (and this includes the Hyper-V Server versions as well), in retrospect this makes a lot of sense.  In addition, since we offer a 4-VM Free Edition version for both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere, and because Hyper-V doesn’t require special licensing to use the data protection APIs (VMware does – VADP (vSphere API for Data Protection) can only be used in the licensed (not free) versions) – this probably contributed to the larger than you’d expect percentage of Hyper-V backup downloads.

In 2013, we’re seeing the download rate increase dramatically – acceleration in recent months has been unreal – and we anticipate strong downloads in both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V for backup, archiving, instant recovery, and disaster recovery (replication) to continue – particularly now that we have release 7.0 out the door and shipping.

It’s going to be an thrilling 2013 – we couldn’t be more excited.  If you’re a customer, thank you.  If you’re not a customer but are considering backup, we hope you’ll give us an opportunity in 2013 to earn your business.