Unitrends 9.1: New Self-Service Cloud Recovery

In a recent Unitrends survey about disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud, nearly half of all IT users considering a move to the cloud noted that the speed of data recovery was one of the most important factors. But the same survey also revealed that general cloud users, such as those relying solely on public clouds with no particular DR strategy in place, often overestimated how quickly they could restore their data from the cloud.

The road to meeting Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) is different for every business. For some, a managed service like Unitrends DRaaS with a guaranteed recovery Service Level Agreement (SLA) is best. For others, self-service cloud recovery is preferred. We’re excited to announce that self-service recovery from the Unitrends Cloud is here.

Unitrends 9.1, now in beta, lets you view your hot backup copy targets in the same intuitive user interface you already know. You can now:

  • Browse, search, and recover files and folders in the cloud
  • Recover full backups using reverse WAN acceleration
  • Get increase cloud visibility through dashboards and reports

Self-Service Recovery in the Cloud

Basically, with self-service cloud we put you in the driver’s seat, as much as you want to be. While you can, of course, still call us if you need help recovering data (we love talking to you), you don’t have to interact with us to grab your backups from the Unitrends cloud. You’re in control. You can easily see what data is protected in the cloud, and you can use our new self-service cloud tools to restore that data.

Secure and Optimized Recovery in the Cloud

Data transferred into and out of the cloud using our cloud self-service interface is encrypted. It’s also tuned for speedy recovery—traffic is WAN optimized by utilizing our built-in deduplication to recover data. Advanced tunneling capabilities also minimize WAN reliability inconsistencies.

Simple Recovery in the Cloud

With our self-service cloud, it’s just a couple of clicks to recover data from the cloud.

The 9.1 software update, as well as the technical support for installation is free to those with current support contracts. Please contact your Unitrends supplier if you have any questions.


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