Unitrends Acquires PHD Virtual

I really like Imagine Dragons.  More on that in a minute.

Yesterday the announcement was made that Unitrends had acquired PHD Virtual.   In the press release that was made public yesterday, the high-level reasoning was made pretty clear.  We’re convinced that we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a company based upon offering customers leading-edge next-generation data protection for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.  And we believe that PHD Virtual, with its VMware, XenServer, and Hyper-V virtual appliance backup and recovery products, its CloudHook offering, and its Reliable DR product offering for VMware that automates and orchestrates application-level RPO and RTO testing, delivers innovative solutions to virtual and cloud data protection challenges.

After Insight made its investment in Unitrends, we introduced the concept of “Unitrends 3.0” in a blog post entitled Unitrends 3.0 – Insight Ventures Acquires Unitrends.  Specifically, we noted in the conclusion:

In conclusion – it’s our belief system that we are destined to dominate the data protection space for cloud, virtual, and physical – and the Insight acquisition is adding rocket fuel to our already incredible growth.

PHD Virtual is a big component of that rocket fuel.  It gives us the ability to do a better job of serving our customers – which is what it’s all about.  Most of us in this business really like technology – and really like innovative products – but at the end of the day what ties PHD Virtual and Unitrends together is a love of using those things to delight customers.  That’s what this is about.

And what the heck does Imagine Dragons have to do with this?  I keep thinking about the song “Radioactive” and the core message of waking up one morning and seeing life in a new way. Welcome to the new age.  More to come.

Would love to hear from you about what you see as the possibilities inherent here.


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