Published: 2014.06.30

Gartner announced its 2014 magic quadrant for enterprise backup and integrated appliances – and Unitrends was included for the first time. While I’m not allowed to reproduce the material contained in the report (which is available to Gartner clients at this link and should be publicly available soon on their site here), I can say a few things in general about the report and our response to it.

All of us at Unitrends are pretty thrilled that we were included.  In terms of our position near the top right of the lower left quadrant – I thought it was  impressive to be positioned so far ahead of so many companies that have been on the magic quadrant for so long.  I also think that we’re going to be able to pretty quickly move to the right and higher.

Rather than focus on all the positive things Gartner said about Unitrends, what really gets me excited is finding ways to do better.  In terms of the issues that Gartner calls out for each company (there are typically three called out for each), I think Gartner was fair.  In terms of Unitrends:

    • Gartner noted the overlap with UVB (Unitrends Virtual Backup) and UEB (Unitrends Enterprise Backup).  It’s a fair statement – but I think it misses the point.  UVB is designed like a laser to be targeted at VMware, Hyper-V, and XenServer administrators.  We love that targeting – and we plan to always have one or more products targeted specifically there.
  • Gartner noted that we offer NAS backup only via direct attach via NFS or CIFS.  This is true – for another few months.  Later this year we will be shipping our first NDMP offering.
  •  Gartner noted that Unitrends backup products  currently do not offer array-based snapshots.   This is true as Gartner means it.  We do offer array-based backup – but do so treating the array LUN as a standard target.  We do not offer array-based monitoring and management in our backup products today.  We do a form of this with our ReliableDR product – and will in the future offer this outside of that single product.

One thing that I thought we didn’t get enough credit for was what we’ve accomplished in the last 6-9 months or so concerning our recovery assurance direction both as a product offering and of course last week in our announcement of a cloud DRaaS and recovery assurance offering.  This was made possible via the integration of several key product families – particularly PHD Virtual with its UVB (formerly PHDVB) and ReliableDR offerings.  And of course, we just purchased a small company called Yuruware to accelerate the integration of our products with AWS, OpenStack, and other hyper-scale public cloud.  Gartner quite rightly called out that they couldn’t give us credit for future – they based their assessment on what we had delivered in the past and was in production use for a while.

Or to put it another way – although it was an impressive debut, I’m already eagerly anticipating the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Integrated Appliances!