Unitrends and IT Glue Integration

In today’s landscape of hybrid IT environments, it is important to ensure all IT information is readily and centrally available so that IT teams have access to the right information at the right time. IT documentation ensures policies and procedures, passwords, knowledge, project timelines, instructions and more are collected, organized and stored securely.

Thorough IT documentation helps improve organizational efficiency, maintain compliance and respond to critical events, such as cybersecurity incidents, with accuracy and efficacy.

Introducing Unitrends’ integration with IT Glue

Unitrends is excited to share with you one of our latest integrations with IT Glue. IT Glue is an award-winning, SOC 2-compliant IT documentation management platform trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide. Their documentation framework provides optimal ways to organize your company’s vital IT information. With IT Glue’s standardized frameworks, your admins and technicians can input and view information the same way, every time, for every department or every client.

Unitrends’ workflow integration with IT Glue automatically synchronizes data from your backup appliance and protected assets (e.g., servers and virtual machines). Serving as a central repository for all IT hardware assets, IT Glue enables you to:

  • View backup configuration information from Unitrends directly in IT Glue (see Figure 1).
  • View backup status, last backup time and storage utilization for protected assets in IT Glue.
  • Ensure organizations and assets from your Unitrends portal are automatically mapped to IT Glue organizations and configurations.
  • Generate “Backup Coverage Reports” directly from IT Glue.
    • Reports may be customized by organization, configuration and hardware asset type (server, workstation, switch), enabling you to report on what is backed up and what is not.
    • Easily see backup successes and failures.
    • Discover assets that match your select configurations that are not being backed up.

Additionally, if you have integrated Unitrends Portal with your PSA (Autotask, ConnectWise Manage or BMS), the Unitrends Portal automatically maps PSA accounts/companies to IT Glue organizations based on name. For instance, when investigating a specific asset, IT Glue will display badges indicating the data sources to which the asset is connected, including your PSA, RMM and Unitrends backup solution.

Better together: Benefits of integrating Unitrends and IT Glue

IT pros are typically much more active in professional services automation (PSA) tools and documentation platforms than they are in their backup portals.

By integrating Unitrends and IT Glue, critical information about your backup environment is fed automatically into your documentation solution, providing you with the information you need where you’re most commonly working. This helps identify issues with backup that may otherwise go unnoticed while working on other projects or troubleshooting issues elsewhere.

When it comes to backup, a lot of information provides you with valuable insights “at a glance.” IT Glue presents critical information about your backup environment (successes, failures, unprotected assets, etc.) with context and without information overload. You’re able to glean valuable insights faster since these solutions communicate with each other to centralize intelligence and data.

IT pros are increasingly asked (or required) to provide verification and reporting of status to their stakeholders. IT Glue automates this process with coverage reports, saving a significant amount of IT time and effort (see Figure 2).

Figure 1: View backup configurations directly in IT Glue

 Figure 2: Backup Coverage Report generated in IT Glue

Check out this two-minute video to learn more and see how you can easily set up the integration between Unitrends and IT Glue: Watch now!


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