Detailed Analyst Rankings for Virtual Machine Backup Solutions (Unitrends vs Veeam)

By now, you’ve no doubt read a few of the blogs in this series designed to help users wade through information that Veeam has posted about Unitrends on their website. If not, I certainly recommend checking it out so you can see all the topics we’ve addressed so far – as well as what’s to come.

For this particular segment, I’d like to provide insight from a third party. As our Director of Software Product Management, I brief analyst firms almost every week and find their industry research invaluable.

Today, I’ll share the findings from an in-depth report across 26 products that protect virtualized environments – Unitrends and Veeam being two of them. The report is from DCIG in their 2014-2015 Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide. In my opinion, DCIG does a great job assessing Veeam’s singular view of what it means to keep a virtual environment protected and available, versus a broader Unitrends view around continuity.

Now keep in mind that DCIG studies the capabilities that help prospective buyers get an understanding of the landscape and what vendors can offer them. The ratings aren’t meant to say that low is bad and high is good. They are meant to categorize where a vendor lives in terms of being Basic, Good, Excellent, Recommended, and Best-in-Class based on their overall capabilities. They look at depth of integration with key hypervisors, support for a broad range of hypervisors, as well as the ability to perform advanced continuity in private and public cloud scenarios.

Here’s a quick glance at the scores:


I think the most interesting – and extremely obvious – points to note is the magnitude of difference between the overall scores and across all categories, all while showing the ability to deliver at low price points.  Note: We’ll show you how our pricing is significantly better in a future article.  

The key reasons DCIG picked Unitrends as the #1 Best-in-Class VM backup solution were:

  • Deep integration with multiple hypervisors, as well as our ability to perform cross-hypervisor migration and recovery
  • The ability to reduce management time through physical and virtual appliance deployment models
  • Broad cloud storage support, as well as our own proprietary cloud services for storage and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • Advanced virtualization backup management and monitoring functionality
  • Comprehensive automation around complex recovery tasks that reduce risk and downtime

I should note that this award was for the Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite, which is now delivered as an integrated product within our Unitrends Enterprise Backup editions. Unitrends has also earned the DCIG Best-in-Class ranking for Hybrid Cloud Appliances this year, covering the breadth of cloud continuity software and hardware the company has to offer.

So that’s just one opinion, we’d love to hear yours.




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