Up until today, IT admins with small virtualized environments had a choice to make when it comes to data protection.   They could either:

  • Try to use a free backup tool. But many of these solutions are versions of production-ready tools that are limited in features and in the number of VMs or sockets they support.
  • Pay more than they likely could justify for a production ready tool.
  • Forgo protection altogether even if the data on the VMs was important and hope for the best.

For administrators who want to move copies of the backups to the cloud for retention or Disaster Recovery, the options were even more limited and costly.

However, Unitrends has ended this dilemma forever with Unitrends Free™ for Google Cloud Platform.   Unitrends, a premier Google Cloud Platform partner, has launched this free backup software solution that is designed to work seamlessly with Google Cloud Storage including Google Cloud Storage Nearline.

Unitrends Free™ for Google Cloud Platform is enterprise-level, production-ready, free backup software that quickly deploys as a virtual appliance in VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.   Designed with hybrid cloud usage in mind, IT professionals can get fast local backup and recovery and cost effective long-term retention and DR.  By automatically copying local backups from Unitrends Free to Google Cloud Storage Nearline, data is protected both on premise and in the cloud at the absolute  lowest cost possible.

Unlike other free backup tools, Unitrends Free is loaded with amazing features and protects an unlimited number of sockets and VMs for up to 1.5 TB of protected VM data.   Regarding Unitrends Free, Taneja Group said “Most of these free products are mere shadows of the real thing and are not usable over the long term. Unitrends Free has changed all that.   Unitrends has lapped the field by offering hyperscale cloud support with Unitrends Free.”

Features of Unitrends Free for Google Cloud Platform include:

  • FREE vSphere and Hyper-V VM Backup—Hypervisor level protection for vSphere and Hyper-V for up to 1.5 TB of production VM data.
  • Unlimited VMs and Sockets—no limits on retention, time, the number of VMs or sockets protected by Unitrends Free.
  • Extreme Ease of Use: Easy to install and easy to use with up to 64% fewer clicks than competitive backup software.
  • Automated Daily Scheduling—set it and forget it scheduling with daily recovery points keeps you protected, even when you’re not around.
  • Powerful and feature rich: Contains critical enterprise level feature such as Instant VM Recovery and detailed reporting.
  • Fast, Incremental Forever Backups – Changed-block tracking and incremental forever strategy ensure backups complete rapidly every day.

Unitrends Free for Google Cloud Platform is available for download here.


  1. Hi, this is great news. I’ve just installed Unitrends Free™ for Google Cloud Platform, and have signed up to the community for the extra 500GB, making a total of 1TB, where can I get the extra 500GB from? thanks

  2. I heard from one of your sales staff that this version uses different technology (than the standard “Unitrends Free”) to sync with Google. Can you confirm this and explain the differences or advantages in the changes?

  3. Both editions use the same technology to move backup copies to Google Cloud. The main differnce between Unitrends Free “standard” and Unitrends Free to Google Cloud Platform is this:
    Unitrends Free “Standard” is an open platform supporting both Google Cloud Storage and AWS S3 for cloud backup. It protects up to 1TB of data.

    Unitrends Free for Google Cloud platform protects up to 1.5 TB of data but only supports backup copies to Google. No other cloud platforms are supported.

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