Received this note from Kevin H. – a long-time customer of Unitrends across several employers – it was so awesome I immediately asked Kevin if I could post it and he graciously agreed.  Collins and Danny work in pre-sales engineering and sales, respectively.

From: Kevin H
Sent: Thursday, October 9, 2014 8:20 AM
To: Mark Campbell
Cc: Collins Hornsby; Daniel Breeling
Subject: Kudos

Good Morning Mark,

I hope this email finds you doing well.  […] I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to Collins Hornsby and Danny Breeling .  We’ve had some challenges with our current appliance configuration coupled with unexpected data growth resulting in undesirable retention.  I’ve had several conversations with Danny in which I expressed our concern over making sure that whatever our next step would be (more than likely a new appliance), that it would be sized appropriately.  This is something that has been a source of frustration in the past and frankly, we didn’t have a lot of confidence in.   His comment was to make sure we “measure twice and cut once”.  I liked that…I liked that a LOT!  He brought in Collins to handle the sizing and they made their recommendation to resolve our retention issues.

We had some questions with this recommendation and wanted to better understand the how and why he chose this particular appliance.  On 2 separate occasions, Collins has taken time to go over not only how he conducts his sizing recommendations but also going into great detail on the operations of the appliance itself (digging deeply into De-Duplication, Replication and Compression) providing a level of understanding that we previously just did not have.  Collins was extremely helpful, VERY patient, always courteous and willing to answer ANY question we had, no matter how tedious.  He even took the time to answer some other questions that had nothing to do with sizing but rather more to do with operations.   Again, he was more than willing to take the time to make sure our questions were answered to our complete satisfaction.

I just wanted you to be aware of the level of service Danny and Collins are providing for Unitrends and my sincere gratitude to both of them.