Unitrends Cloud DRaaS

Last week I posted  ”No Limits Unitrends Cloud to Free Forever Infinite Hardware to New Appliances to New Features“, and after hearing from many of you, wanted to expand upon particular items mentioned in that post. I’ve already covered Five-Year Subscription Term, No Surprises on Support Costs, & our Pledge & Pledge Plus Programs, and today will cover: Cloud DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), Disaster Recovery We Manage for You.

Unitrends is now offering its subscription cloud services on an unmetered basis (i.e., it’s all you can eat based on the appliance that you buy) for a subscription rate that is on average significantly less than anyone else in the industry.  We call this the No Limits Cloud(TM).  The new pricing is just the first step in a series of announcements we’re going to be making as we begin reaping the benefits of a multi-million dollar investment in cloud services.

So what does this practically mean?   In the past – and continuing onward in the future – Unitrends offers metered cloud services at $0.25/GB/month.  The term “metered” means that we measure how much data you’re protecting and we bill based on that amount.  We offer seeding of this cloud via our RapidSeed offering where we take a customer’s data on disk drives and ship it to one of our cloud locations to be rapidly uploaded into our cloud.  We offer SLA-driven shipping of your data (in the form of a physical appliance or a NAS) back to a location of your choice in the case of a crisis.

We’re now also offering an unmetered cloud – which is what we call the No Limits Cloud(TM).  That means that you can protect your entire on-premise appliance for a single price.  That single price is considerably lower – half or less – of the same price that you’d pay for metered cloud storage.  So even if you use local rotational archiving  for some of your data due to WAN bandwidth constraints, it makes economic sense to purchased our No Limits Cloud as well.  It’s like unlimited talk time on your cell phone – it’s usually worth it to buy that plan rather than spend the time managing and scraping to get by on a lower-end plan.

Where are we going with No Limits Cloud?  That’s easy.  We’re moving toward enabling our customers to spin-up physical instances within that cloud.  Today, our private replication customers can do this with VMware.  At the end of this quarter, they will be able to do it with Windows.  We’re making the multi-million dollar investment necessary to support this within the Unitrends cloud as well.

Of course, none of this makes sense if it’s not strongly linked to the on-premise appliance – which in essence is simply a hybrid cloud implementation (also called a cloud-connected appliance.)  In my next post, we’ll discuss the new hardware programs we’ve announced.

Thanks for reading.  And as always, looking for feedback and discussion on this or other subjects.


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