Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery: Affordable, Simple & Resilient Direct-to-Cloud Data Protection for Servers

Your data lives in more places than ever before and is constantly under attack.

Gone are the days when you could completely protect your network with the traditional castle-and-moat cybersecurity model. With the exponential increase in the number of employees and systems outside the conventional IT perimeters, organizations need a more robust approach to secure their servers and data on the edge. Mission-critical systems outside the primary data center are an attractive target for cybercriminals. By blending in with increasing data traffic volumes, they can launch sophisticated attacks on your network by targeting endpoints and devices on the edge.

Then how can an organization ensure its dispersed network, including remote sites, branch locations and servers in the field, stays protected amid today’s rapidly evolving cyberthreat landscape? One way is by putting hardware in these distant locations. However, installing hardware on-premise to secure remote servers does not make sense in many cases, both from an operational and financial standpoint.

For instance, if you are an organization with limited servers in a remote location(s) or across multiple distributed locations (like in convenience stores), installing backup devices across that network is a cost-prohibitive option. Similarly, disk-based appliances are not practical if your business has rugged and remote locations in particularly harsh environments, such as oil rigs, industrial machine shops or energy turbines.

The same goes for a virtual environment with multiple virtual machines (VMs) in public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Oracle Cloud. In all these cases, installing a physical or virtual appliance(s) into the environment to back up and secure your data is a complex, costly and potentially prohibitive solution.

Introducing Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery

Unitrends Endpoint Backup for Windows Servers offers resilient and reliable direct-to-cloud server backup at a predictable, flat cost significantly lower than deploying and managing a local appliance. You simply install the Unitrends agent on the servers you wish to protect, and the agent will automatically begin backing up your data every hour to the Unitrends Cloud. Your data is stored in immutable blocks on your private tenant in the Unitrends Cloud and is readily recoverable by instantly virtualizing in the cloud. This ensures business continuity in the event of an outage at the local site. You can also download specific files and folders if they get accidentally/maliciously deleted, or restore the full server image to the original or new, dissimilar hardware. Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery delivers full backup and disaster recovery without any local hardware footprint and the exorbitant costs and time involved in managing it.

With Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery, you get a unique, turnkey business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution that combines direct-to-cloud backup with ransomware protection and robust disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. The entire solution is managed from a unified management portal for simpler, smarter and more resilient disaster recovery, no matter where your data lives.

Complete, resilient backup and disaster recovery

Combining more than three decades of innovation of Unitrends with cutting-edge functionalities, Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery provides reliable, direct-to-cloud BCDR for servers in any location. Automated, hourly backups ensure you can meet aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) for your servers in remote locations, across distributed environments and in the public cloud. Each backup provides you with a full recovery point and is stored in a recovery-ready state. Virtualize instantly and spin up the server in the cloud in minutes to meet stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs).

All your data is stored in the secure, private and redundant Unitrends Cloud with superior security features like immutable storage blocks, 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA) and Cloud Deletion Defense. The data is encrypted in flight and at rest and stored on encrypted disks. These state-of-the-art data centers of Unitrends have multilayered security and critical redundancies for components like power, networking and internet to ensure that your data stays secure and readily available all the time. The worldwide presence of Unitrends also enables geographically redundant backups for your data.

100% recovery confidence

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery provides 100% confidence in your recovery capability with its advanced features and functionalities. Automatic, daily screenshot verification and system integrity checks provide evidence you have working, reliable backups. In addition to screenshot verification, you can virtualize in the cloud to validate recoverability and benchmark RTOs. The solution provides a variety of recovery methods to restore what you need when you need it. For example, its file/folder recovery allows you to restore specific files or folders. Bare metal recovery (BMR) enables you to recover the complete server image back to the original location or to new, dissimilar hardware. In case you need to recover workloads off-site or outside of public cloud infrastructure, the solution offers virtualization in the Unitrends Cloud in minutes. You can also export images to VM formats (VMDK, VHD, VDHX) and upload or restore images as needed.

You’ll achieve fast backup and recovery since, after an initial full, only the changes are sent to the cloud — our solution provides each recovery point as an independent backup without the need for rehydration or synthetic backups. 

Unique features

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery has other remarkable features as well that facilitate a completely resilient and protected cloud infrastructure for your data.

Ransomware protection

Backup and recovery systems are increasingly at risk of ransomware attacks, with cybercriminals targeting them to take out the victims’ ability to recover. However, with its built-in proprietary behavioral analysis-based monitoring, Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery proactively scans for ransomware and alerts administrators to take immediate action.

Cloud Deletion Defense

Unitrends Cloud Deletion Defense is like a recycle bin for server cloud backups. Even if your backups get mistakenly or maliciously deleted, you will still have a window to recover your invaluable data and regain access.

Simplified, predictable pricing model

Interestingly, Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery is licensed by the used capacity on the server and not what’s stored in the cloud, so you get a predictable total cost of ownership (TCO) over the lifecycle of your backups. Backup, replication, cloud storage, screenshot verification, ransomware detection, disaster recovery (DR) testing and DR are all offered at a flat fee, with no variable or hidden costs to shock you.

Eliminate all your backup and recovery woes with Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery

Unitrends also ensures you have 24/7/365 direct access to its award-winning tech support team. Eliminate complexity and save time and money while protecting your invaluable data.

Switch to Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery today. Visit https://www.unitrends.com/products/server-backup to learn more.


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