Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery: Now Supporting Linux

As workplaces and IT infrastructures transform, organizations must ensure the protection and recovery of all critical server workloads, regardless of their physical location. Although installing a dedicated backup infrastructure within a data center is generally uncomplicated, setting up similar systems in remote locations, harsh environments or distributed sites, such as oil rigs, retail stores, restaurant chains or small customer service offices, can be more challenging. That’s where Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery can be a lifesaver for your business.

What is Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery?

Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery is an industry-leading business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution designed to protect vital server workloads, regardless of their location. It combines effortless management via a unified interface and advanced features, such as direct-to-cloud backup, ransomware protection and robust disaster recovery (DR) capabilities, ensuring continuity for your business-critical server workloads anytime, anywhere. Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery delivers resilient cloud backup and disaster recovery for critical servers at an affordable cost with no additional hardware required.

Why Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery?

Our enhanced and streamlined backup and disaster recovery solution offers:

Hourly backups: It securely stores data in the private, redundant and secure Unitrends Cloud every hour, ensuring maximum redundancy and optimal recovery time objective/recovery point objective.

Uncompromised security: Your critical data in the Unitrends Cloud is protected via two-factor authentication (2FA), immutable storage blocks and 256-bit encryption.

Flexible recovery options: The comprehensive backup and DR solution includes the ability to recover individual files or folders, export images to a virtual machine (VM) format, perform virtualization in the Unitrends Cloud and conduct bare metal recovery (BMR) to identical or different hardware.

Automated screenshot verification and DR testing in the cloud: These features ensure backups are healthy, functional and readily recoverable.

Ransomware protection: Proactive ransomware detection with regular scanning of backups utilizing proprietary behavioral analytics. Alerts notify admins to take immediate action.

Cloud Deletion Defense™ : Cloud backups are stored immutably on encrypted disks. In the event an agent or backups are mistaken or maliciously deleted, Cloud Deletion Defense provides you with a window in which you can recover this critical data.

Simple pricing: Our advanced backup and DR solution offers a predictable total cost of ownership (TCO) with transparent pricing — no fees for computing, disaster recovery or DR testing, and no additional storage charges.

Effortless data protection: Simple deployment and easy daily management with a turnkey solution that can be operational with just a few clicks.

Introducing support for Linux

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing industry-leading backup and disaster recovery solutions to our customers, we’re expanding the capabilities and scope of Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery.

After great adoption from customers and their feedback, we are now including comprehensive support for Linux servers. Our first step is introducing new support for Linux Ubuntu distributions, including Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 and 22.04.

This expansion is driven by our dedication to innovation and our desire to better support our diverse customer base. We recognize that the technological landscape is continuously evolving, and the integration of Linux support allows us to offer more versatile solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Linux support launches with the same functionality you love with Windows — instant virtualization in the cloud, daily screenshot verification, file/folder restore and image export.

Protect your business-critical data wherever it lives with Unitrends

Say goodbye to data continuity concerns for your servers. Get comprehensive data protection and 100% recovery confidence with Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery that combines automatic, hourly, direct-to-cloud backup, ransomware protection and powerful disaster recovery capabilities. Take the first step towards simpler, smarter BCDR for any server, anywhere. Request a demo today!


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