Why Unitrends Enterprise Plus?

Unitrends strongly recommends the  Enterprise Plus editions of both our hardware Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup virtual appliances to our prospects. Why Enterprise Plus?  Because our mission is to increase uptime and confidence in a world in which IT professionals must do more with less.  We didn’t say “IT professionals in small companies” or “IT professionals in large companies” – our mission is to help all IT professionals.  Our fastest growing customer base are enterprises (which we designate as companies with 1000 or more employees.)  The reason that we’re growing so fast in the enterprise is our radical simplicity from our user interface to our full “appliance to cloud” service, our affordability, and our support of protection of AWS and Azure workloads.  But our enterprise customers are more demanding – thus we created the Enterprise Plus offerings.

What is Unitrends Enterprise Plus?  Unitrends Enterprise Plus is a collection of our enterprise-level features that most enterprise IT administrators should be using to reduce the time and effort to manage backups.   The features that constitute Enterprise Plus are as follows:

  • Automated Recovery Testing.  Don’t have time, resources, or budget for manual Disaster Recovery testing? Unitrends Recovery Assurance delivers automated recovery testing, without affecting your production servers. Recovery Assurance software works with your backup appliance to automatically test and certify your RTO and RPO recovery objectives and SLAs ahead of time.
  • Automated Failover – Unitrends orchestrates failover, making data, applications, and lab environments available instantly. Guaranteed failover of Windows physical, VMware and Hyper-V applications.
  • Distributed Enterprise Manager.  Unitrends has long had a single pane of glass for monitoring and management of dozens of machines.  However, as we’ve increasingly penetrated the enterprise we have been increasingly asked for the capability of managing hundreds and thousands of Unitrends physical and virtual appliances.  This feature allows monitoring and management of up to 10,000 physical and virtual appliances.  The architecture actually allows millions of monitored and managed devices; we limit to 10,000 just because that was our initial testing goal (i.e., if you have a need for more than 10,000 monitored and managed devices, please call us.)
  • Security-Integrated Copy Data Management (CDM). Data protection and security go hand-in-hand in keeping IT infrastructure resilient and available. Unitrends Enterprise Plus allows a security scan test to be added to Data Copy Access jobs using ClamAV antivirus to scan for threats prior to spinning up test / dev environments.
  • NDMP.  The ability to back up large NAS environments support is now included in Enterprise Plus.
  • Unlimited Item-level Exchange Recovery.  Unlimited Exchange mailboxes are supported for granular item-level recovery.  It is now easy to recover just that lost specific email or folder.

We will continue to offer capabilities for businesses of all sizes – because a 100 person company may have 50 locations and need Distributed Enterprise Manager just as a 10,000 person company wants affordable and simple purpose built hybrid cloud physical appliances.  In backup and continuity (and productivity – stay tuned), it’s an interesting world that resists stereotypes.  And at Unitrends, we’re just getting started.



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