There are always exciting things happening at Unitrends – new feature releases, exciting new customers coming on board, and today, the announcement of our new Knowledge Base.

The whole Unitrends family is thrilled about this new announcement since it means that we now have the first fully searchable, publicly available database, developed with a keen focus on the Unitrends community. You might be wondering why you would want to look at the Knowledge Base? If you take a look around you’ll find a wide range of technical information, articles, videos & more. This exclusive content is designed to provide a self-service option for those of you who desire a quicker, more efficient way of accessing detailed information for optimizing Unitrends.

After you’ve taken advantage of this exciting exciting new resource, we want to know what you think. Post a comment (or five) & rate the articles to let us know how we can improve the content of our Knowledge Base.