Unitrends and Nutanix Implementation Guide and Architecture Overview now available

Nutanix is on fire and Unitrends is thrilled to be a part of their certified solution community. The newly released Unitrends and Nutanix Implementation Guide is an ideal read for both IT administrators who are currently running workloads in a Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure and for those who are planning to. Learn how easy it is to provide enterprise class backup and disaster recovery for your important data and applications. In this document, we cover the benefits of using a combination of Unitrends and Nutanix solutions, details on guest-level protection capabilities, an architectural overview of deployments, and instructions on configuring Unitrends for Nutanix AHV. We also include in-depth looks at granular recovery capabilities, the only white-glove DRaaS solution for Nutanix hyperconverged environments, built-in automated recovery testing, and how to achieve automated compliance reporting.

Unitrends customers adopting Nutanix into their existing infrastructure already know the many benefits of Unitrends. You will be happy to see that Unitrends is complementary to Nutanix and just as easy to deploy and use in Nutanix as it is in your non-Nutanix environment. Just a few clicks and you can begin using your Unitrends appliance to protect Nutanix natively. Nutanix platforms can be protected using both Unitrends Recovery Series hardware and Unitrends Backup virtual appliances.

Unitrends not only offers native protection for Nutanix AHV, but also for all Nutanix supported hypervisors, including VMware vSphere , Citrix Hypervisor (formerly called XenServer), and Microsoft Hyper-V. Native protection means that Unitrends Recovery Series appliances and Unitrends Backup Software integrate all backup components and access the hypervisor directly for replication and other protection services. This results in faster, smaller, more secure backups, replication and recoveries.


If you are in the market for Nutanix or already a Nutanix customer looking for simpler, smarter enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery, take a look at the guide.  Unitrends delivers award-winning enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery products and DRaaS services to Nutanix customers.

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