Unitrends Q4 Innovation Recap: Revolutionizing Backup and Recovery for Businesses

The business environment and technological landscape are evolving faster than ever before. As these realms expand, the need for robust, reliable and agile data backup and disaster recovery solutions is increasingly critical. Recently, in our fourth-quarter product innovation update webinar, we unveiled a spectrum of advancements that signify a leap forward in data protection — a realm where faster, more resilient hardware, improved cloud performance and predictable costs are set to redefine the benchmarks of data protection and reliability.

At the heart of our mission lies a steadfast commitment to our customers. Your operational continuity and data security remains our top priority. In response to the dynamic nature of the industry, we’ve introduced groundbreaking innovations, important platform releases and upgrades aimed at meeting the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Recapping major innovations

Here’s a recap of the key points we discussed during the live session.

Unitrends Recovery Series Gen 10 Appliances

The latest strides in our product innovation highlight a significant emphasis on faster, more resilient data backup and recovery. Say hello to Unitrends Recovery Series Gen 10 appliances. This latest generation of all-in-one backup appliances delivers lightning-fast backup, restore and orchestration with unmatched reliability and unparalleled security. A significant upgrade to our Gen 9 appliances, Unitrends Gen 10 appliances further improve data protection with enhanced speed and robustness, ensuring data backup processes are swift and dependable. The Gen 10 appliances are available in 15 models, ranging from 2TB to 120TB in size, so you can choose the Unitrends backup appliance that best meets your organizational needs and budget.

All-flash cloud DRaaS

We continue to invest heavily in our cloud infrastructure. Our new all-flash cloud Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) instills confidence in organizations seeking resilient solutions to keep their businesses up and running in the face of disasters. High-performance, all-flash arrays for Elite and Premium DRaaS deliver up to eight times performance increases and improve the reliability of our cloud architecture.​ With Unitrends all-flash cloud DRaaS, you can rapidly spin up a virtualized version of your critical systems and applications in the secure Unitrends cloud at a cost significantly lower than building and managing your own off-site DR. Experience hands-free white-glove failover service at a predictable cost and with guaranteed SLAs, unlike public clouds.​ Automated DR testing and reporting ensures SLAs will be met, giving you 100% recovery confidence.

Furthermore, to deliver increased performance, availability and resiliency, we have set up three new data centers in North America: with US East, US West and Central Canada regional data centers. These new data centers are equipped with high-performance flash storage nodes for blazing-fast recoveries. We continue to roll out flash storage node upgrades to existing Unitrends data centers. All existing DRaaS customers will be moved to these new high-performance arrays.

Archive to Azure Blob

Backup copies provide another layer of protection for your data. Having a copy of data off-site is critical to recovering from unexpected events, like a ransomware attack or natural disaster. Additionally, it may be important for customers that require a certain level of data retention. Another significant part of the newly launched Gen 10 appliances is our ability to write to Azure Blob, providing more choices for our customers to archive. Now, you can leverage your Azure Blob storage to store Unitrends backup copies for off-site, long-term retention.  

You no longer need a virtual appliance to store backups in Azure. To store copies of your backups in your Azure environment, simply add the Azure Blob storage container to your Unitrends appliance as a backup copy target, then add a job to copy backups to this container.


Unitrends UniView offers a single-pane-of-glass solution designed to provide a holistic view of backup status, alerts, integrations and policy management across an array of products.

Backup policy management

Backup policy management within UniView marks a significant milestone for the Unitrends team. You can now manage Unitrends backup appliances directly through UniView, facilitating backup jobs for Windows and agent-based image-level backups. The imminent support for VMware backups, coupled with upcoming features like replication for backup copies, setting retention policies and screenshot verification, further solidifies UniView as a robust, all-encompassing backup management solution. Moreover, the addition of Unitrends Backup for Azure and Endpoint Backup for Servers ensures a consistent management experience across all Unitrends backup modules.


Onboarding experiences have also been revamped within UniView. Instead of a tedious process of individually adding assets or navigating through appliance interfaces, UniView streamlines the setup by allowing users to input credentials, IP addresses and host names directly into the platform. These settings are then automatically pushed to the appliance, saving time and effort while managing everything within UniView.

FLEXspend for Unitrends

The business landscape and the technologies steering it are swiftly evolving, compelling businesses to adapt continually to this dynamic business environment and the ever-evolving IT needs to remain relevant and competitive. FLEXspend for Unitrends is the answer to rapidly shifting organizational needs.

FLEXspend for Unitrends enables you to ​reassign backup spend from one module to another ​within your Unitrends BCDR universe flexibly.​ It future-proofs your IT investments, allowing you to easily reassign your committed contract investments from one solution to another within the Unitrends Unified Backup suite as your data landscape evolves.

FLEXspend for Unitrends simplifies your data protection needs, whether your organization’s vital data is stored on-premises, within cloud platforms or across various SaaS applications. The unique program gives you greater flexibility to plan and predict data backup and protection budgets without being locked into the underlying infrastructure or platform. FLEXspend for Unitrends enables you to align your data protection strategies without unexpected financial fluctuations, promoting financial stability while fortifying data security measures.

At Unitrends, we aim to build lasting relationships, ensuring transparency, reliability and advanced data backup and recovery solutions tailored to exceed expectations. These innovative upgrades and platform releases serve as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions our customers can trust. They pave the way for more resilient, agile and cost-effective data backup and business continuity solutions you can bank on. With our customer-centric approach and timely updates, we aim to empower your business and give you peace of mind, knowing that your mission-critical data remains safe and recoverable, and your operations carry on uninterrupted in the face of any adversity.

Watch the on-demand recording for more info on how our latest product innovation and updates can further strengthen data protection. You can also schedule a personalized demo to discover how Unitrends helps you save costs and maximize IT efficiency.


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