In today’s competitive backup and recovery market, many vendors are so driven by a “whatever it takes” attitude to achieve revenue and profitability that they make bold misrepresentations about a competitor’s functionality. When a vendor makes bold misrepresentation, they have the potential of losing customer trust and focus on delighting and satisfying customers.

While continuing to grow revenue and profitability, and continuing to invest in research and product innovation, Unitrends #1 goal is delighting customers and customer satisfaction, proven by a consistent 98% customer satisfaction rating. Unitrends believes that a vendor can’t build trust and customer satisfaction without sticking to the facts.

As a result of some recent misrepresentations of Unitrends product functionality, it’s important to clarify the errors and stick to the facts. Unitrends provides unified simultaneous support for physical and virtual servers, as well as flexible Deep Virtual support. What is Deep Virtual protection? The ability to protect virtual environments at the hypervisor level, guest level, and even physical server level (for Hyper-V). Why is it important? It helps admins achieve the performance and granular needs of at the machine or application level, improve RPO/RTO, and simplify virtual backup management with automated discovery. In addition to physical, virtual and deep virtual support, Unitrends supports multiple Hypervisors including both Hyper-V and vSphere as well as 100’s of Operating Systems, applications and NAS storage subsystems

As we have been reminding our customers, recovery orchestration, testing and governance are critical needs to ensure recovery data needs. These capabilities extend into our core backup solutions for Recovery Assurance and automated failover. They are also incorporated into our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaas) in the Unitrends public cloud, AWS and other public clouds as archive and replication targets.

Agility is a key Unitrends differentiator, the ability to ensure recovery assurance, anywhere anytime with the flexibility of an All-in-one Purpose Built Appliance PBBA or Virtual Appliance to fit our customers exact data infrastructure needs from small remote offices to large data centers. Additionally, to protect customers against explosive data growth, Unitrends helps organizations scale up by adding new appliance models or scale out by adding more NAS or SAN storage, all managed by a single pane of glass management environment that is completely transparent to user processes, backup and recovery schedules.

Unitrends appliances provide a full Hybrid DR Availability model – An availability solution that always ensures that information and applications remain as accessible and available as needed to continue to drive revenue, profitability and productivity at acceptable levels no matter what planned or unplanned events occurs. On-premise data protection and recovery (physical & virtual) for data, file and local server failure (Bare metal recovery) and Instant Recovery of both Windows and Virtual Servers – combined with Business Continuity at a 2nd site or DRaaS in the cloud to insure Service Level Agreement (SLA), compliance and regulatory audits are met

So in spirit of building customer trust, delight and satisfaction while sticking to the facts, we’ll clarify some recent competitive inaccuracies:

  • Unitrends provides both All-in-One Purpose Built Appliances (PBBA) as well as Virtual Appliances
  • Unitrends  does single pass backups for image, app, and file restores
  • Unitrends (BMR) bare metal restores from a single backup  – BMR restores to similar and dissimilar bare metal servers, including support for converged infrastructure such as Cisco UCS
  • Unitrends BridgeTM deliver a one-click P2V failover to a cold standby VM
    • Also, our virtualization backup/DR products (UVB and ReliableDR) can replicate VMs for vSphere, Hyper-V and XenServer
  • Unitrends supports Near CDP, with RPO’s of every minute for critical applications
  • Unitrends has real Instant recovery for VMware and Hyper-V (Q4) VMs
  • Unitrends provides simultaneous deep virtual support for both agent (Guest OS) and agentless (Host OS) protection.
  • Unitrends does not provide professional services – the competitor that indicated Unitrends sold Professional Services was misinformed

We are pleased to have the opportunity to clarify these misrepresentations.  Not only does Unitrends address each of these points with a more complete offering, but Unitrends provides a cloud Hybrid DR Availability model, that assure the integrity and quality of your environment during interruptions, returning your systems to full operations as quickly as possible – implementing on-premise data protection and recovery (physical & virtual) for data, file and local server failure (Bare metal recovery) and Instant Recovery of both Windows and Virtual Servers – combined with Business Continuity at a 2nd site or DRaaS in the cloud to insure full testing, orchestration and governance insuring mission critical application (including complex multi-tier applications) meet required RTO/RPO recovery.