Back in mid-2014, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced its AWS Management Portal for vCenter.  Despite the name, it was clear that the tool was for all intents and purposes a replication and migration tool from VMware to AWS.  It’s pretty much what you’d expect – even with over 1,000,000 customers AWS covets the 500,000+ customers of VMware.  Capitalism at work.

From the reaction, you would have thought that the folks at AWS had slapped the collective mothers of the folks at VMware.  Everyone loves controversy, so when VMware’s Chris Wolf wrote what I thought was a pretty compelling blog post entitled “Don’t Be Fooled By Import Tools Disguised as Hybrid Cloud Management” there was a flurry of articles in the press regarding the “war” between VMware and AWS.  A few months ago, The Register wrote an interesting article entitled “AWS Cuts Its Own Set of Keys to VMware vCenter’s Kingdom“ in which they posit that the latest version of AWS Management Portal for vCenter with its “update automatically” feature is a enables AWS to automatically present all kinds of functionality to VMware vSphere administrators.

All of this sound and fury signifies – well, close to nothing for real IT and VMware administrators.  There are a number of practical challenges in hybrid VMware and AWS environments.  Last week, we talked a bit about Ravello and nested virtualization – which “disguises” the AWS virtual environment and thus allows VMware vSphere virtual machines to operate “as is.”  You also have hybrid cloud monitoring from companies such as ScienceLogic (who has a good blog post on the AWS and VMware kerfuffle entitled “Can Any Tool Help To Tie the Knot Between vCenter and AWS?“) to Rightscale (their take “Cloud Migration and Portability: What VMware and AWS Aren’t Telling You.”

Our Free VMware Migration Tool is our take on VMware vSphere and Amazon AWS migration.  A few notes about it.  First, one of those things no one tells you about with respect to other migration tools is that they use expensive AWS EC2 and EBS cycles on import – we don’t.  Second, most migration tools are complex.  Our tool is simple – and achieves simplicity through sophisticated advanced technology.  Third, most migration tools go only one way – from VMware to AWS.  VMware was right about the AWS Management Portal for vCenter – it’s basically an import tool.  You want to make sure that your replication/migration tool for VMware and AWS can take you “there and back again.”

What do you think? We’d love to hear from you.

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