Hope you’ll come visit us at VMworld 2014.  The picture above  is of our booth this year.

We’re pretty excited this year about VMworld.  In addition to our Recovery-Series purpose-built backup appliances and our Unitrends Enterprise Backup purpose-built virtual backup appliance for VMware vSphere that protects VMware and 100+ versions of hypervisors, applications, operating systems, servers, and storage, we’ve added a significant number of new VMware vSphere protection products to Unitrends’ offerings this year:

  • Unitrends Cloud and DRaaS: DRaaS (and Recovery Assurance) for Unitrends enterprise-class physical/virtual backup appliances.  You can spin-up not only VMware virtual machines but VMware GOS-level physical windows systems as well.
  • Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite: A suite consisting of Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Virtual Backup, and Reliable DR..
  • ReliableDR: Purpose-built software for certified application failover and failback orchestrated across virtualized data centers.  Of course works with VMware.
  • Unitrends Virtual Backup: Purpose-built virtual appliances for VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, and XenServer protection.

For all of those attending VMworld, come by our booth and talk to us.

For those that aren’t going – and for those of you who are there but need a little downtime – a brief game interlude.  In the spirit of the fun approach we’re taking with the Pac-Man game at our booth, here are instructions on how to get to VMware’s most famous easter egg: VMware pong (credit goes to William Lam and his post at virtuallyGhetto which has screen shots:)

  1. Mount a 0-byte floppy image located on your desktop to a virtual machine.  Note that this is not a datastore.
  2. Power on the virtual machine.
  3. You should now see a game of black-and-white “vPong” in  the VMconsole.  You use your mouse to play against the computer.
  4. If you click into the VMconsole and enter the word “pride” you can toggle a color version of “vPong” on and off.

Have fun!