What Is the Unitrends Cloud Strategy?

Two fish pass each other by early one morning; one from the east and the other from the west.  The fish going east asks the other “How’s the water in the east?”  The fish going west looks puzzled and responds “What water?”  The cloud is the water in which Unitrends operates – it’s so ubiquitous that at times it’s easy to take it for granted.

Unitrends cloud strategy is to enable you to simply, quickly, and reliably recover your IT infrastructure – anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

The implications of our cloud strategy are staggering.

This means we start with protecting heterogeneous IT environments – not just virtual but physical, not just files but applications, not just data but systems.  We protect VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V dissimilar bare metal, Windows, Linux, pSeries/AIX, Solaris, iSeries, native Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, and so much more.  And we offer this protection either via our all-in-one physical appliances and our software-only virtual appliances.

But that’s just the ante.  It means we must protect cloud-only SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS IT infrastructure.  It means we must protect hybrid cloud environments consisting of on- and off-premise IT infrastructure.  And it even means we must protect cloudless, on-premise-only, IT environments.

It also means that we must utilize different types of clouds to enable protection.  Products and services ranging from simple cloud storage to advanced DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) instant recovery must be offered.  And cloud types ranging from simple site-to-site single-tenant clouds to an all-in-one proprietary multi-tenant cloud to third-party public multi-tenant clouds must be supported as well.

The product and services, and the innovative technology that are the foundation of those products and services, form the basis of our cloud strategy:

  •  We offer an all-in-one cloud solution with Unitrends Cloud™.  Unitrends Cloud today offers WAN optimized and accelerated DR storage and guaranteed SLAs for physical data shipment.  Unitrends Cloud will in the near future offer DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) for physical and virtual environments.
  •  Using the WAN optimized and accelerated replication technology associated with Unitrends Cloud, we offer site-to-site replication using two or more of our PHDVBA and UEB virtual appliances and/or Recovery-series physical appliances.
  •  Our WAN optimization and acceleration technology not only provides advanced functionality such as in-flight compression, encryption, and source-level deduplication, but it also offers support for extremely low WAN bandwidth DR via our innovative D2D2x archiving capabilities.  D2D2x archiving coupled with our granular replication enables the use of rotational disk and tape and fixed NAS and SAN to offer DR even when there is no bandwidth available to the cloud – and enables cooperative DR policies between D2D2x archiving and replication.
  •  We offer a RESTful archiving-based replication technology with CloudHook™.  CloudHook enables WAN optimized and accelerated archiving to third-party public clouds including Amazon’s AWS, Google, Rackspace, and any other S3-compatible cloud vendor.
  •  We offer the industry’s first and only physical (GOS) and virtual (HOS) instant recovery.  Instant recovery enables the spin-up of physical and virtual machines in minutes.
  • Our instant recovery technologies also allow you to guarantee that your data can be restored by actually scheduling an audit of the recovery at both the local site as well in the cloud.  An audit is the scheduling of your physical backup to be converted into a virtual backup and booted – with proof of that successful boot sent to the user.

In order to deliver upon the Unitrends cloud strategy, each of these industry-leading innovative technologies was required.  And yet – our flagship ReliableDR™ offering goes one step further – it allows application-aware automation and orchestration for VMware environments.  This simply means that in complex environments we’ve extended the ability to test RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) for not only single individual virtual machines but for interdependent domains of virtual machines – your entire IT infrastructure.

The most awesome part of this?  This is what we’re offering today and in the near future.  Unitrends is growing its R&D by millions this year in pursuit of creating more innovative and awesome products and services to support our cloud strategy.  2014 is going to be incredible.


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