Recently a small group of us got together to talk about differentiation within the backup (really, data protection) space. At the heart of the discussion – what are the top X (where X is ideally 3, but at most 7) reasons to choose Unitrends?

This is harder than it might seem.  Technology companies in general, and data protection companies in particular, have a plethora of technologies – each of which is really, really important to a segment of customers.  (And many of which are just plain cool.)

Rather than be like most companies where this stuff is bandied about in marketing, product, and other groups internally and then rolled out as a finished piece of collateral – I thought it might be interesting here to see the first draft of the list we developed.  No doubt it will change – and undergo exhaustive wordsmithing – but I think that the process itself might hold some interest in terms of getting to the heart and the soul of what Unitrends is.

The working list we created is as follows:

  1. The Apple of data protection. Whether physical, virtual, or cloud our all-in-one Unified Data Protection™ offerings are integrated, simple, and elegant.
  2. Shrink-wrapped enterprise-class data protection.  Our offerings, whether physical or virtual appliances, enable you to protect complex environments quickly and simply.
  3. Agile adaptability.  You don’t adapt to us, we adapt to you.
  4. Instant recovery for all.  Need physical failover virtualization (spin-up) in a backup appliance?  We’ve got that.  Need virtual failover virtualization?  We’ve got that as well.
  5. Customer-obsessed service.  At many backup companies, customer support is considered to be a cost of revenue that should be driven as low as possible; at Unitrends, it’s absolutely strategic.

Over the next few postings, I’m going to make each one of these a separate blog post.