The initial beta release of Windows 10 and even the first update – Builds 9841 and 9860 – were relatively stable and considered a success as Beta software goes. Build 9879, however, doesn’t seem to be going so well.

As I have described in past blog posts, the Windows Insider Program participants are given a choice between being Slow-Ringers or Fast-Ringers. The Fast-Ring automatically gets new builds as soon as they are released by MSFT, while the Slow-Ring gets builds at a slower pace, and perhaps with hot fixes to problems reported by the Fast-Ring. Microsoft describes the release lifecycle with this diagram:

Microsft Build 9870 Disaster

So the experience for the Fast-Ring with Build 9879 so far has been more painful than the previous two. Problems reported so far include:

  • System crashes:
    • Fast-ringers have reported BSOD as well as systems becoming non-responsive to the point of requiring a hard boot.
  • App crashes:
    • Multiple reports of applications becoming non-responsive and eventually crashing. I’ve experienced this in my test lab as well, even with the PC settings app.
    • Some users have reported the loss of the indicator light when Capslock is on.
  • OneDrive syncs:
    • Fast-ringers have reported file systems filling up due to OneDrive from Windows 10 syncing random files and folders, even when exclusions and careful selections on a finite amount of data is configured.
  • Some Hyper-V VMs running Build 9860 cannot update to 9879
  • File Explorer crashes:
    • Frequent Explorer crashes have been reported, with sluggishness following which typically requires a reboot to resolve.

While some of the buggy-ness can be addressed by doing a clean install of Build 9879 rather than an update, it seems that the quality of this build is still pretty far behind the first two. Good news for both rings, however, is that MSFT’s Gabriel Aul has tweeted that they are publishing a “bugcheck hotfix” concurrently with Build 9879 to the Slow-Ring. The hotfix will automatically be made available to the Fast-Ring, which means those users do not have to wait until after the holidays to seek resolution to their current struggles with 9879.


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