Windows 10 Build 9860 is the first update to the Windows 10 preview and was released on October 21. For my system, it was automatically downloaded and installed as part of the Windows Update service. If you don’t allow Windows Updates automatically and manually apply the new build, be prepared for a 2-2.75 GB download, and be prepared for a longer reboot cycle as configuration changes are made on that initial boot. Your first login will also take longer as your account is provisioned again, but nothing seems to be lost once that initial login and setup occurs.

This build includes a few bug fixes which are largely related to user interface changes, but Microsoft reminds us that there are still quite a few known problems which are not fixed or might appear to have gone backwards in this build. A couple of these are related to joining WiFi networks and Internet Explorer graphics and crashes.

Microsoft implemented over 7000 enhancements in Build 9860, many of which will not be noticed by users, but the new features they are advertising seem pretty cool and include:

  • Action Center for Windows PC
    • This is adapted from Windows Phone 8.1, and it enables users to quickly locate and navigate to alerts and notifications from configured system sources and applications. You access it by selecting the new Action Center icon in the notification area of the task bar:
    • Build 9860 1
    • Turn on/off the notifications you want stored via Settings > Change PC Settings > Search and Apps > Notifications
    • Build 9860 2
  • Ease of use when using multiple monitors – moving apps
    • Use Windows Key + Ctrl + <arrow> to move your current active application to another monitor. You can find a nice list of new keyboard shortcuts in this post by Microsoft.
  • Desktop switching animation
    • This change was made in response to the Windows Insider Program feedback that it was difficult to tell if/when a switch was made.

It does seem like Microsoft is trying to get things right with this whole Windows Insider and Technical Preview process. They are cycling through releases quickly and including technical and user requested changes in each. I look forward to seeing what’s new in Build 9879.

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