Windows 10 Build 9879 includes several new features which were already planned and under development by Microsoft along with bug fixes, and as with Build 9860, also includes a few changes suggested by the Windows Insider Program participants

The new features include:

  • A large amount of feedback from the Insider Program inspired the Windows 10 team to add the ability to show or hide the Task View and Search In previous builds, they were not configurable. Now you can right-click on the task bar and select or de-select them to be shone:
    • Build 9879 Whats New 1
  • Windowing and gesturing enhancements
    • These are ease-of-use enhancements for people testing Windows 10 on touchscreen systems:
  • New ways to access and use OneDrive
    • Based on feedback from Windows 8.1 users of OneDrive, Windows 10 now includes a selective sync feature. Before, only placeholders of files were accessible in OneDrive folder when the user was working offline. Now this is configurable. Right-click on the OneDrive cloud icon in the notification area of the task bar and select You can have all contents of your OneDrive folders available offline, or you can choose selective folders:
      • 3 finger up -> Task View
      • 3 finger down -> Show Desktop
      • 3 finger flick to left or right -> switches to previous app (go back 1)
      • 3 finger move left or right -> Alt-Tab (Task View) pops up and you can select the app you want (remove fingers to select)
      • 3 finger tap -> Search
      •  Build 9879 Whats New 2Build 9879 Whats New 3
  • Internet Explorer enhancements
    • Primary focus is the “Edge” mode platform. You can read more about this new platform here. Initial launch of IE looks like this:
    • Build 9879 Whats New 4
  • Native support for MKV file formats
    • Previously, Matroska videos required download of a special converter or player to watch.
  • More user Interface refinements and enhancements
    • You can pin you favorite folders to your Home
    • New icons have shown up and modern dialog windows are rendering correctly.
    • Build 9879 Whats New 5

I think this build does look more appealing and I look forward to continue trying new features and testing.

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