Yes! Your Feedback Does Matter

Are you survey-weary?  Does your bank, car dealer, mobile phone company, everyone who ‘values your opinions’ even look at the feedback much less respond to it? Research indicates that almost half of you ignore requests for feedback and most all the rest of you will answer only if it doesn’t take much time.

I agree with you.  But I can also tell you – Unitrends does pay attention!  You need only to look at the recently released 10.2 version of Unitrends software for our Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup appliances to see that you, our customers, influenced it.  We couldn’t have done it without you. More on that later.

Your input is a portal into the day to day world of IT and operations. You use our products as tools to accomplish your job.  Every Unitrends employee, every day, receives an email capturing customer survey results from the prior day.   We use that to better understand you, what you do and how we can help.  We examine your input, response-by-response.  These are some of the ways you provide input:

  • Submissions through a UI Feedback button on our products’ management console
  • Product Feedback button on the Unitrends Insiders home page
  • Customer support surveys
  • Relational surveys of the installed customer base
  • Follow-up discourses via phone

We strive to understand your pain points, your needs, both current and future, and your perspective on our products, support and sales process.  We take your input and turn it into action plans, making you happier and more satisfied.

So just how do we do that?  Well, one way is by building in new features.  In the 10.2 release, your input led to a redesigned Backup Catalog that significantly reduces the time IT administrators spend on managing repetitive backup and recovery tasks for complex environments.  We thank Charles Darwin University for providing insight into the pain associated with managing many active jobs and trying to scroll through them.  And we extend appreciation to Beauregard Electric Cooperative Inc and Coherence Systems for describing the filtering capabilities that they need to deal with large environments.  We’ve aimed to address these needs and others with the user interface grid.

So, while we can’t wave an enchanted wand and give you every feature you desire, we do sincerely value your input and use it thoughtfully to enhance our products, services and processes.  I wish to convey a most hearty “Thank you for your time and your feedback”.  We mean it.


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