Case Study: Partner Success Story

When 'Okay' Data Protection is Not Enough - Delivering Better Backup Value to Every Client

Unitrends MSP became a partner to our team in the truest sense of the word; they are invested in our growth. And their products are 1st class as well. Marc Lucio
VP Finance

Unitrends Solution for Contigo Technologies

Protected Environment
  • Over 2000 customer endpoints
  • Physical & virtualized servers
  • Public cloud
  • Automated ransomware detection
  • Rapid recoveries
  • Simple remote management
  • Full cloud data protection

The Challenge

Contigo had been using a combination of Storagecraft and Veeam to protect their clients’ data.The shortcomings of this solution were well known – full business recoveries could take as long as three days – and this seemed acceptable. However when one of Contigo’s clients suffered a major outage, the pain of a 3-day recovery process was no longer deemed acceptable. Contigo also wanted to differentiate themselves by offering superior services than those of other Austin-based MSPs, so they began looking for a better backup and business recovery solution.

The Solution

Contigo Technologies does not charge separately for data backup and recovery, believing it is a core service required by all of their customers. They considered many backup vendors and found Unitrends MSP’s all-in-one backup appliances to be ideal for MSPs and Contigo’s business model. Unitrends backup appliances can easily be remotely managed, continuously monitor for ransomware, and can support backups to both public clouds such as AWS and Azure or Unitrends purpose-built DRaaS cloud. In addition Unitrends MSP does not require up-front charges for their appliances. To Contigo the answer became obvious that Unitrends MSP was the way to go.

Contigo Technologies
Contigo Technologies is a leading MSP based in Austin, Texas. While many MSPs focus on particular verticals, Contigo’s technical and service offerings have made them the “go-to” MSP for businesses across the Austin area. An example of their commitment to customer service is that they place an icon on every supported workstation that lets the user contact Contigo in a matter of seconds, whether to access support or just ask a question.

Follow Up

Today Contigo Technologies has over 25 Unitrends MSP Recovery Series appliances deployed at client locations around the Austin area. Advanced backup and recoveries services by Unitrends MSP are considered so critical they are part of the standard Contigo offering to everyone of their clients. Contigo believes that the best IT tools allow their technicians to offer the best service with the least amount of effort required.

Contigo’s strategy was tested when heavy rains and lightning hit Austin in the summer of 2018. Several of their clients suffered major blows to their infrastructure, but Unitrends ability to recover with local on-site backups, from backups located in Contigo’s data center or from data replicated to the cloud enabled fast, “no-big-deal” recoveries measured in minutes or hours, reported Marc Lucio, VP of Finance for Contigo Technologies,

“Unitrends MSP became a partner to our team in the truest sense of the word; they are invested in our growth. And their products are 1st class as well.”