Protecting a Heterogenous Environment — Portrait of an IT Professional

It shouldn’t take a genius to restore from backup. Senior Systems Analyst
Midsize IT Solutions Provider

Unitrends Solution for a Florida Technology Services Firm

Protected Environment
  • Bare metal servers
  • Highly virtualized servers
  • Wide variety of storage and networking
  • Bare metal restores
  • Easy virtualized restores
  • Ransomware protection
  • Remote monitoring

The Challenge

This IT admin’s daily challenge is supporting a wide array of data centers with deployments ranging from a single virtual machine (VM) host to large-scale enterprise environments. “Since we are a complete solutions provider, we find ourselves in vastly different environments day to day,” he says. In addition to supporting a broad set of hardware and technologies, the company has to provide their customers with a variety of price points to meet different business models.

“[Despite having different budgets,] all our customers understand that data is the lifeblood of their company’s operations.”

To find a business continuity offering to meet this wide range of requirements, this IT admin headed to the lab. He tested offerings from Veritas (formerly Symantec Backup Exec) and Veeam but Unitrends came out on top. The other solutions he tested could not match the broad range of assets Unitrends could protect and did not provide all-in-one, Linux-hardened backup with built-in ransomware detection.

a Florida Technology Services Firm
This is an anonymous success story about a midsize IT solutions provider in southern Florida. This company supports a large number of organizations. Rather than limiting their customers to a fixed set of hardware and services, the IT solutions provider prides itself in listening to their customer’s needs and finding the best technologies to meet that specific IT challenge. The senior systems analyst, interviewed in this story, describes his job as “ensuring the overall health of his client’s IT systems, whatever they may be.”

Follow Up

This IT admin reports, “We regularly restore from Unitrends backup for our clients. Our customers are exceptionally happy with their recovery times.” He believes the two primary benefits he receives from Unitrends is “ease in operation and fast recovery times.” He also appreciates the user interface and the rich set of features available to Unitrends users. “It shouldn’t take a genius to restore from backup.”

“Our customers are exceptionally happy with their recovery times.”