Pearl River County Recovers 20 Years of Critical Data

Unitrends saved over 20 years of data and I will forever be grateful for the decision to bring you on board! Jesse Taylor,
System Administrator, Data Star Inc.

Unitrends Solution for Pearl River County

Protected Environment
  • VMware virtualized servers
  • Virtualized NAS
  • Windows servers
  • Full data protection
  • Removable media protection

The Challenge

Several years ago, Pearl County chose Data Star Inc., a local Managed Service Provider (MSP), to supply advanced IT operations and support. Jesse Taylor is an IT Administrator for Data Star who spends all his time on site at the county seat, working to ensure IT operations run smoothly. Shortly after arriving at the county, Taylor began to investigate the backup and recovery capabilities of Pearl River. “I was told they were adequate, but when we dug into it, we really didn’t know if the backups were good or we could really recover,” Taylor said. Data Star, a reseller of Unitrends, recommended that Pearl County invest in a Unitrends Recovery Series appliance to protect the county’s data.

The county purchased a Unitrends Recovery Series 824S appliance in early 2018 to protect several of the virtualized servers and NAS devices on which the county runs its operations. In June 2019, four hard drives supporting a virtualized NAS failed simultaneously, putting almost 7TB of data at risk. The drives stored county maps, documents for the circuit county court, judges’ documents, hearing lists and other critical information. Taylor explained, “You are never really sure that everything will work correctly but we restored everything from the Unitrends appliance. Unitrends saved over 20 years of data and I will be forever grateful for the decision to bring you on board!”

“During the outage, I had hope, but wasn’t sure. After the restore completed successfully, and the spin-up of a virtual server was a success, I was finally able to breathe again.”

Pearl River County
Officially formed in 1872, Pearl River is the fourth largest of Mississippi’s 82 counties. Incorporated and added to the county on September 30, 1904, the town of Picayune has become Pearl River County’s largest city. Pearl River County is growing today at a fast pace. From its early beginnings, the county has placed a great deal of emphasis on the importance of preparing its citizens for a better future. The county is home to Pearl River Community College, which is proving to be not only Mississippi’s first but one of Mississippi’s best institutions of advanced learning.

Follow Up

A second server that was protected with Windows Backup failed shortly thereafter. However, since the Unitrends Recovery Series appliance worked so well, it now protects this server too.

For extra protection, Pearl River added RXDA removable media to their Unitrends appliance. Each day, a drive with a full backup is removed from the appliance and locked in a fireproof box. “It’s not optimal,” Taylor said, “but it works for us. We would love another appliance at the remote Sheriff’s office and hope to add that soon.”