EU Distribution Company Simplifies Backup Across Platforms with All -in-One Solution

Its simplicity, the number of different applications that it supports, like Exchange and SQL, as well as native protection for Nutanix AHV is very appealing. Mr. Jeroen van Dijk
Manager, ICT Infrastructure & Services

Unitrends Solution for Sligro Food Group

Protected Environment
  • Nutanix hosting virtualized servers
  • Linux and Windows physical servers
  • Exchange, SQL and SharePoint
  • Native protection for Nutanix AHV
  • Rapid file recovery
  • Quick restoration of Exchange and SQL
  • Automated recovery testing

The Challenge

Sligro Food Group had been using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for backup but wasn’t satisfied. One major concern was backup and restore operations took too long to complete, especially restoring very large applications such as SQL databases and Exchange. Sligro had also decided to deploy Nutanix AHV hyperconverged platforms to make managing their infrastructure easier and more flexible. “We really liked Nutanix for its ability to simply add extra storage and compute nodes, and the flexibility to switch them out in the unlikely case of failure,” reported Mr. Jeroen van Dijk, Manager of Sligro ICT Infrastructure & Services. Sligro needed an easy and flexible backup and disaster recovery solution that supported their complete environment, including physical Linux and Windows servers and Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure running both VMware and AHV virtualized environments.

The Solution

During his search for a data protection solution that could protect Sligro’s total environment, Mr. van Dijk came across Unitrends Backup — an all-in-one virtual backup appliance. After eliminating all other competitors, Sligro deployed Unitrends Backup to protect their very heterogeneous production environment. Mr. van Dijk found Unitrends Backup to be more functional, intuitive and significantly faster than other backup solutions. Running Unitrends Backup as a virtual appliance on both industry-standard servers and Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure ensures that Mr. van Dijk and his team are able to back up their entire computing infrastructure, local and remote, with a single solution and no gaps in protection.

Sligro Food Group
Sligro Food Group encompasses multiple food service businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium, offering a full range of products and services to the food and beverage wholesale market. Sligro maintains a network of over 50 cash and carry delivery-service outlets serving hospitality and retail businesses. They also serve the institutional market under the “Van Hoeckel” trade name and operate their own in-house production facilities for specialized convenience products.

Follow Up

Sligro is very satisfied with the Unitrends Backup solution. They back up their primary data center to a secondary, remote site. Sligro uses Unitrends block level agent for large file and image backups. They also perform full and incremental backups of Nutanix VMware workloads as well as use Unitrends native support to replicate their Nutanix AHV servers. Sligro also uses Unitrends Recovery Assurance to test and verify their ability to recover and meet their disaster recovery objectives. Unitrends ease of use allowed Sligro to quickly train many administrators to manage and monitor the backup and recovery process, no longer relying on the few resources trained on Tivoli. Mr. van Dijk and his team also found Unitrends support to be very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. Mr. van Dijk said, “I would really like to be a reference for Unitrends.” That says it all.