Data Protection Vendor Unitrends Shows Strongest Revenue Results in 23 Years

October 27 2011

All-in-one backup, archiving, and disaster recovery vendor reports a 51% leap in new customer acquisitions and a 46% jump in revenue in Q3

Unitrends, the industry leader in all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solutions, today reported a 51% increase in Q3 customers and a 46% increase in Q3 revenue.  These results are the best in the 23-year history of the company.

The company’s record-breaking revenue year in 2010 resulted in a heavy investment in product research and customer support.  This has continued in 2011 and new customer acquisition and revenue have accelerated based on that investment.

“We’re pleased with the strong growth of the company,” Tim Wallick, CFO, Unitrends said.  “What has been particularly gratifying are the references from existing customers; our investment and focus on world-class customer support is paying off.”

Unitrends also reported that later this quarter they would begin offering a significant new feature called failover virtualization.  “We’re going to begin offering higher availability solutions to our customers for Windows and VMware,” said Mark Campbell, COO, Unitrends.  When asked about pricing, Campbell replied, “We’re still the no backup tax company – we’re not going to charge our customers for failover virtualization just as we didn’t charge them for deduplication, virtualization, archiving, disaster recovery, per-client-based protection, or any other major features.”

Unitrends is recognized for its ease-of-use and all-in-one backup, archiving, and disaster recovery solution. Unitrends is the only vendor to offer No Limits™ Licensing, the company’s policy allowing as much capacity, retention and clients that the solution will support.  No Limits™, along with integrated support of 100+ operating systems and applications, allows Unitrends to offer the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

About Unitrends

Unitrends enables its customers the freedom to focus on their business instead of backup.  The company achieves this through scalable, all-in-one disaster recovery and backup solutions that no other data protection vendor can provide.  Unitrends integrated backup appliance simply protects businesses’ IT infrastructures at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.  More companies every day join those who have discovered the customer-obsessed, enterprise-level data protection only Unitrends can offer.

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