Manufacturing Representative, Cain-Forlaw Company, Chooses Unitrends Over Barracuda for Complete Data Protection

December 14 2011

Following a near disaster, Cain-Forlaw Company realizes their vulnerability for data loss

Unitrends, the leading provider in all-in-one backup and disaster recovery solutions, today announced that Cain-Forlaw Company, a manufacturer representative, selected Unitrends to protect its critical financial and operational data.

After almost losing all of their data when one of their servers crashed, Jon Ogden, Cain-Forlaw’s IT manager, realized it was necessary to adopt a reliable backup solution to protect the company’s data since it was too risky to not have any form of data protection in place.

“We came very, very close to complete disaster and losing absolutely everything. That’s when I realized we had to find a solution here that will protect us and that will allow us to recover from a disaster,” Ogden said.

Before choosing Unitrends as their data protection provider, Ogden researched several other backup solutions (including Barracuda). However, he was dissatisfied with their inability to provide bare metal backups, back up email in Microsoft Exchange or restore data at the file- and byte-level. With Unitrends’ Recovery Appliances, Ogden appreciates a simple, easy-to-use disk-based solution that delivers rapid recovery and data security. Unitrends’ Vault2Cloud services also particularly impresses Ogden since it gives him the option to back up and restore data from an off-site location in addition to protecting his environment on-site. With Unitrends, Ogden knows his data is secure, which gives him greater peace of mind.

“I like that I effectively get three different kinds of backup storage. I get the main backup, I get the off-site backup and I get the archive backups. So really, I’m triple-protected,” Ogden stated. “And what I tell people about this is that I think I sleep better at nights and on the weekends because I know that if something happens, it’s not gonna be a problem at all to get everything back.”

When hearing of Cain-Forlaw’s great satisfaction with their backup solution, Tim Wallick, CFO of Unitrends, shared, “We are very pleased that Cain-Forlaw trusts Unitrends for their data protection. Critical data losses like the one they came close to experiencing prior to choosing Unitrends can be very costly to organizations in terms of production downtime and revenue losses. We look forward to protecting Cain-Forlaw’s data in the future.”

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