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Hebron Schools

Hebron Schools

Schools and Districts like Hebron have moved to a digital environment to manage student records, creating demand for protection of its mission-critical data center. Hebron School’s technology director John Lindemer was well aware of the importance of needing improved performance in data protection. Hebron was using a tape backup solution, which seemed to be causing more problems than preventing. Lindemer was frustrated with the slow backups and unreliable restores. “Many times tapes had stretched, went bad or the drive would not read the good tape because the drive itself was defective,” Lindemer said. Lindemer’s frustration mirrors several computer techs’ anxieties of dealing with unreliable tape backups. “I needed a solution that restores data when I need it and would not break down without warning,” Lindemer remarked.

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Last Updated: 06/15/2013
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