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Momentum Group

Momentum Group

Momemtum Group was using ARCserve and several tape media and drives to serve as its data protection solution. The growing textile business protects roughly 2 TB of data, and the strain of using various solutions for different platforms was slowing productivity for the IT department and hindering system performance and reliability. “It was a tedious process prone to failure,” John Hester, System Administrator, Momentum Group said. “As data grew, we simply ran out of hours in the day to complete the backups.” The company’s IT department was using 4mm DAT tapes, several drives and a variety of backup software depending on the operating system being backed up. The confusion of using several solutions for multiple platforms was causing major setbacks; using ARCserve for Windows servers, another vendor for Linux backups and several tapes for various Linux hosts. “We had to create a spreadsheet listing servers and days of the week so we knew which tape had to be inserted in which drive on a particular day,” Hester said.

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Last Updated: 06/15/2013
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