Randolph Eastern School enjoys Unitrends simplicity and ease of use. Unitrends worked with the school on a price and helped them achieve a stress free backup solution, where their time is spent more in the classroom and less on working with backups.

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Last Updated: 03/28/2012
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Coastal Carolina University needed to replace tape drives with a reliable product. The University turned to Unitrends in order to receive it's requirements, in which they were well met.

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Last Updated: 03/27/2012
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Godfrey Lee Public School benefits from Unitrends fast restoration and attentive customer service.

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Last Updated: 03/27/2012
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Rollins College chooses Unitrends over Spectralogic. Unitrends' simplicity combined with the BareMetal Backup functionality and incremental capabilities made it the right fit for this small liberal arts college in Winter Park, Florida.

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Last Updated: 08/10/2011
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In 2009, Blue Ridge School District converted its unreliable backup solution to Unitrends' backup and recovery appliance, guaranteeing protection the school never had with Backup Exec. Backing up a physical environment of 11 servers, including one Exchange server and four SQL databases, Blue Ridge has more than just a stable solution. Unitrends not only provides reliable backups but has a solid support staff who develop professional relationships with each client.

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Last Updated: 08/03/2010
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