Video: The 5 Hidden Costs of Cloud Backup

Your data is growing exponentially and with the cloud storage cost per GB for as low as $0.01 per month with some hyperscale cloud vendors, that may seem like your most affordable option. But when you add network egress fees, data retrieval fees, and the compounding storage of data for long term retention, your total costs may shock you. Additional factors such as the ability to get you data back quickly may not be so obvious but can be just as costly to your business. You really need to understand your total costs and data requirements before choosing which option is right for you. Join Dave LeClair, VP of Product Marketing at Unitrends to learn about all of the considerations and costs when storing data in the cloud. He’ll cover: · The different cloud storage, backup and recovery options available · How to evaluate what makes sense from a cost and performance standpoint · Why Unitrends can provide a deeper, more complete solution

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Last Updated: 11/24/2015