Expert Backup Appliance Support | Unitrends

Unitrends saves you time and frustration by preventing problems. We combine the power of our predictive analytics with proactive Customer Support to solve issues before your backup is affected. This is why Unitrends achieves a 98% satisfaction rate. Our backup appliance support uses machine learning and cloud-based data monitoring to alert you to a ransomware infection or hardware failure. Our fully integrated stack means there’s “one throat to choke” when you need help, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Our expert 24/7/365 Support Team is co-located with R&D in the U.S., meaning there’s one cooperative center of knowledge for building and supporting Unitrends products. You can count on our team for complete backup appliance support as well as help for cloud, disaster recovery, SaaS backup, and more.

Unitrends backup appliances include predictive analytics and “one-throat-to-choke” Customer Support for your whole solution, giving you:

  • More Confidence: Automated monitoring and failure alerts give you confidence your backup is running smoothly.
  • More Uptime: Proactive and painless hardware replacement in the event of an issue means more uptime for your business.
  • Less Management Time: Built-in, predictive analytics mean less time worrying about or repairing your backup hardware.

No Finger Pointing, Just Answers

The old world of backup requires you to stitch together your own solution of storage, software, operating system licenses, deduplication, networking, etc. But even if you get all this operational, what happens when elements stop working? It’s one support call for each element. Who do you call FIRST if performance isn’t solid? Who do you call if recovery in the cloud didn’t work? Unitrends simplifies that with one support call and a solid track record of 98% customer satisfaction. Plus, our predictive analytics means we’ll reach out to solve hardware issues before your backup is compromised.

  • All-in-One Support: One easy support call to solve any issues with backup, recovery, and cloud.
  • Here whenever you need us: Global 24/7/365 Support Team, with proactive case initiation if analytics indicate a hardware problem with your backup appliance.
  • Expert Service: Unitrends Support Engineers are co-located with our U.S. R&D team and fully informed on how to resolve issues as well as backup best practices.

Hardware Failure Prevention

Hardware failures happen. Unitrends makes it painless to stay a step ahead and replace aging hardware before it impacts your backup. Recovery Series backup appliances include predictive analytics and proactive monitoring at no additional cost.

  • Automated Monitoring: Millions of hardware life data points constantly monitored in the background.
  • Predictive Analytics: Automated monitoring and trend analysis predicts and heads off hardware failures.
  • Proactive Replacement: We get in touch and quick ship your replacement before failures affect your backup.


“You guys are proactive. I didn’t even know I had a problem. You identified a failing hard drive and got me a replacement almost overnight. In addition, you cleaned up my missed jobs and got my backups running again.”

Jason Stenklyft

Government Contracting Services