Get the Lowest Backup Appliance TCO | Unitrends

To get the best value and lowest backup appliance total cost of ownership (TCO), do away with the cost and complexity of integrating components on your own. Recovery Series backup appliances save budget by combining server, storage, and software into an all-in-one appliance. These backup appliances are easy to use, saving you time, too, but don’t sacrifice performance. Expect best-of-breed functionality with powerful backup software and enterprise features, all built into the appliance.

  • All-in-One Ease: Bundled server, storage, and software deploys in minutes. Just rack, connect, & go.
  • Purpose Built: Pre-tuned, Linux-hardened backup appliance is easy to use. No time lost to complexity.
  • Instant Recovery: Easy setup and instant recovery for any size data set.

Lowest Backup Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Recovery Series backup appliances are sized to fit your business, so there’s no need to waste money on storage you don’t need. Plus, appliances ship and set up quickly, giving you the shortest time to value. Just rack, connect, and go. The intuitive software requires 50% less management time than other backup systems, saving you time and frustration. With Unitrends, start backing up right away and add immediate value to your organization.

Flexible, Scalable Backup

Recovery Series appliances are infinitely scalable—no painful upgrades and no wasted budget when your business grows. Simply scale up with a bigger appliance, or scale out with multiple appliances managed from a single pane of glass. Or scale to the cloud with built-in integration with the Unitrends Cloud for long-term retention. Or combine all these methods for enterprise scaling that suits your organization. Whatever you choose, Unitrends backup appliances are flexible and adapt to your needs, ensuring the shortest time to value and lowest backup TCO for your IT dollar.

  • More Uptime: Installs & starts backups quickly, so you’re ready to recover from data loss.
  • Less Management Time: Quick setup & intuitive user interface requires 50% less management time.
  • More Free Time: Efficient setup and management gives you more free time for other priorities.

I had purchased Unitrends in a previous job and the system and customer support proved itself. Unitrend’s ease of use, reliability and low cost of ownership makes it the perfect solution for K12.”
Ross Randall
Director of IT, Lamar, MS County Schools