Disaster Recovery Testing | Unitrends

Understand the Risks to Your Business

IT professionals know the risk to their business are multi-fold — operations can grind to a halt in the event of natural disaster, ransomware attack, or employee error. These outages can strike at any time. The only way to prepare for unknown, lurking risks is to understand the impact of an outage before it occurs. Unitrends saves you time by automating a risk analysis with recovery analytics powered by our unique Recovery Assurance technology.

  • Automatically run a disaster recovery test to see reports and statistics revealing how an outage would impact business continuity, and how much data your business might lose.
  • If the automated DR tests show that you can’t meet your SLAs, make adjustments in your backup process and re-run the tests to check the changes.
  • Understand the availability and recovery of business critical applications like Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server with built-in, application-aware DR tests.

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Instant Recovery and Automated Failover

Unlock the power of your backup data and use it to run your business. Unitrends orchestrates failover, making data, applications, and lab environments available instantly.

  • Seamless integration with Recovery Series and Unitrends Backup appliances: backups and instant recovery for Windows Physical, VMware, and Hyper-V
  • Automated failover: Quick spin up n-tier applications or entire sites in the cloud for business continuity despite a disaster.
  • Guaranteed failover of Windows Physical, VMware and Hyper-V applications across cluster/clouds

Automated DR Testing

Too many businesses run the risk of unplanned downtime due to a failed recovery plan or procedure. Don’t have time for manual testing? Unitrends Recovery Assurance delivers automated recovery testing, both locally and in the Unitrends Cloud. This intelligent feature of Unitrends Enterprise Plus lets you effortlessly prove that your business meets regulatory and compliance requirements. Recovery Assurance software works with your backup appliance to automatically test and certify your recovery objectives and SLAs ahead of time. You get:

    • Immediate detection and alerting of deviations in recovery time and recovery point actuals via dashboards, emails and SNMP alerts.
    • Application aware with out-of-the-box DR testing for Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Apache, and any application reachable through http. Supports Windows Server and Linux VMs equally.
    • Real-time and schedule reporting runs audits that prove you meet regulatory compliance requirements and automatically submits reports to appropriate stakeholder.

Ransomware Detection

Unitrends Recovery Assurance uses cloud-based monitoring and predictive analytics to help you detect ransomware before it’s too late. Machine learning provides early alerts of suspicious data change rates in your environment. Then Unitrends backup appliances help you quickly restore back to safety, without paying a cent of ransom.

  • Early Detection: Unitrends’ machine learning detects ransomware faster, so you can recover with minimal damage and no ransom payment.
  • Personalized Alerts: Don’t worry about a lurking ransomware infection that’s encrypting all your files — you’ll be alerted quickly to suspicious data changes.
  • Confidence in Recovery: Automated ransomware recovery testing means you won’t sweat if you do have to recover from a ransomware attack, because you’ll have already proven your RPOs and RTOs can be met.