Enterprise Data Deduplication | Unitrends

The old way of backup doesn’t care how much storage is used. That’s a problem for a separate deduplication device, and it’s on the user to purchase and integrate the two systems (and hope they work together). This means growing pains as your backup footprint increases or retention requirements get longer. Unitrends backup appliances include purpose-built Adaptive Deduplication™. Eliminate integration frustration and backup storage hogs with our all-in-one platform for backup and enterprise data deduplication.

Unitrends Adaptive Backup Deduplication is a content-aware, enterprise data deduplication technique that adapts dynamically based on the content of the data being protected, the data reduction possible for that data using compression, and the data reduction possible. Our adaptive data deduplication combines inline & global byte-level deduplication. All data reduction occurs during the backup ingest process itself, rather than taking resources from the computers and other devices that are being protected.

Unitrends Enterprise Data Deduplication

  • Optimized: Combines inline & global byte-level data deduplication for best performance across enterprise applications.
  • Built-In Data Deduplication: Unitrends adaptive data deduplication is an integrated part of our backup appliances.
  • Maximum Performance: Unitrends enterprise data deduplication optimizes capacity utilization, minimizes backup times, and maximizes retention.

Unitrends enterprise data deduplication typically provides 10:1 to 20:1 or higher real-world data reduction. Of course, actual data reduction ratios are dependent upon the data being protected, the size of the backup, the retention, and several other factors.